Paul Dixon's View From The Gallowgate: Judge Colback only by his playing

Diehard Toon supporter Paul Dixon's take on Newcastle United's signings so far

Richard Sellers/PA Wire Jack Colback
Jack Colback

They are arriving in droves! Two signings, and both for less than a parking bay in London.

The Jack Colback deal seemed to have more twists and turns than Cheick Tiote on the ball, with rumours that we’d tried to flog him to West Ham before he’d even posed with the scarf for us. Nevertheless, he’s here, and our chums down the road have got the hump about it.

I have never subscribed to the theory that you judge a player simply because he played for your local rivals. You judge him by whether he’s better than what you have. Time will tell on that score.

The reactions on the messageboards have veered from teeth-gnashing, weeping and wailing down the A19, to smug, knowing smiles from us, largely unconcerned as to whether he’s any good.

By some of the reactions, you’d have thought we’d rescued the lad from the Scientologists.

I sense some residual feeling from the Lee Clark incident here, and the photograph with ‘that’ T-shirt, and you really must let it go chaps.

As you’ve hilariously renamed SJP as the ‘O3 arena’, just think of us adding an app with a ‘Colback option’.

Further deals look to be treading water, and if the President of Montpellier is to be believed, we’re trying to buy a diamond with a sackful of coloured beads and Buffalo hides. While we aren’t privy to any of this, it does appear that the gig is up for us trying to buy cheap in France, and we’re either going to have try new markets or make realistic bids.

Early stages of the World Cup suggest there are bargains to be had, with Mexico and Chile catching the eye.

Good luck to Tiote and the few representatives we have there, including Shola. The find of the tournament is Clarke Carlisle, summariser supreme. Intelligent, lucid and knowledgeable. Much like an intelligible sentence from Ian Wright, though, he won’t last long.


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