Paul Dixon's View from the Gallowgate: De Jong signing can't mask Debuchy departure

As De Jong comes to the Toon and Debuchy departs, Paul Dixon gives his verdict on what's happening at St James' Park

Michael Regan/Getty Images Mathieu Debuchy of Newcastle United
Mathieu Debuchy of Newcastle United

It occurred to me on holiday, that supporting Newcastle United is like supporting England – similarly lasting recent ‘golden generation’ and won the same amount of trophies.

Listening to fellow guests in the bar about England, and I could have been sat in the Hotspur – “Got it all, the support, the money, the tradition”, “Gold mine waiting to be exploited”.

A brilliant support considering our respective glory days were covered by Bob Danvers Walker on Pathe news, rather than Gary Lineker on match of the Day.

Another similarity being our respective empires are funded on money from cheap, mass produced merchandising rather than spin-offs from winning things – our illustrious sponsors will be dashing off a letter from some fictitious solicitors now.

To the current, and our never ending transfer sagas.

Siem de Jong
Siem de Jong

The signing of the proper De Jong raised the spirits momentarily, but as ever, it wasn’t a signing to supplement or complement the squad, it was to cover yet another high-profile departure.

Debuchy – following the long and traditional footballing code, by heaping praise on his club and expressing the burning desire to remain whilst he still had breath in his body, whilst his phalanx of agents where negotiating with someone else and ordering the removals van.

As ever with these things, if we replace him with someone of similar, or improved stature, then so be it, but we should be buying these people to challenge our better incumbents, not replace them. To all our new arrivals, and indeed the prospective ones, on your way over here, make sure you get a photograph of Wembley – because you won’t see it with the first team.

Particularly galling is to see Liverpool spending like drunken squaddies on leave, I know it’s being funded partially by the sale of the Tooth Fury to Barca, but as I constantly bang on about, this is a club laughed off SJP a couple of seasons ago, the difference being they have a board committed to realising the whole point of being a football club.

The whole point being to strive to be successful, to inject pride into supporters, bring honour to the city – not to employ automatons, and certainly not to force holidaying supporters, when the conversation changes from England to your club, to shake their head sadly, and order another Absinthe and Irn Bru.


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