Paul Dixon's View From The Gallowgate

Paul Dixon gives his views on the latest goings on at Newcastle United in the wake of Alan Pardew's 'headbutt' incident

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Alan Pardew is sent to the stands after his clash with David Meyler of Hull City
Alan Pardew is sent to the stands after his clash with David Meyler of Hull City

The fallout from the ‘Here we go gathering nuts in Meyler’ saga continues.

Some local correspondents however, have been slightly missing the point. Yes, the reactions from the high moral ground have been a tad excitable, and some of the commentators might perhaps have taken a moment to reflect on past indiscretions before fulminating on Alan Pardew.

However, the inescapable fact remains that he headbutted an opposition player. He should have been sacked. The provocation from David Meyler should have brought greater punishment, but that is a side issue.

To counter a hypothetical scenario posed in the letters page, what would have been the reaction of our supporters if Steve Bruce had nutted Mike Williamson? There would’ve been angry mobs marching on Hull with pitch forks and burning torches.

Pardew though, has seen his touchline behaviour gradually escalating, from altercations with Wenger through boorish celebrations in the face of opposition managers, and the manhandling of a linesman. If he isn’t checked, what next? Abseiling into the opposition dugouts in a vest with a commando knife clenched between his teeth, whilst exchanging wise cracks with John Carver?

Sadly this is just another sad/hilarious episode for outsiders in the tenure of Mystery Mike – we hardly dare pick up the newspapers. I say sadly instead of outrageously, because I have become inured to this sort of nonsense.

Is there anybody out there who can come to this club and inject a sense of sanity and ambition? It is 45 years since won the Fairs Cup, nearly 60 for a domestic cup, and the last time we won the title the trophy was presented by Emporer Hadrian to commemorate the ‘topping off’ ceremony for his wall.

An owner less seen than Halley’s Comet. An executive management structure so sensitive to criticism, they hand out banning orders like alluring brunettes handing out flyers outside ‘Tiger Tiger’, and a manager bouncing around the technical area, and primed to go off at a moment’s notice like ‘Buckaroo’.

How the hello are we in eighth place with all that going on? Can Pardew ultimately survive? Who knows. Trying to second guess Ashley’s next move is like being Miley Cyrus’s parents waiting for the next lurid headline.

You know It’s coming, you know it’ll defy logic, you know it’ll be tacky, and you just wish it was someone else’s problem for a change.


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