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The last utterings of our recently departed Director of Pencils were laid bare on Saturday

Joe Kinnear, Director of Football at Newcastle United
Joe Kinnear, Director of Football at Newcastle United

The last utterings of our recently departed Director of Pencils were laid bare on Saturday.

His assertion that the squad was big enough to cope, like his tenure here, was just ludicrous.

Never mind that it was Chelsea, who are more expensive to maintain than the European parliament, the paucity of our squad was evident.

Fortunately I missed viewing Saturday’s match, struggling as I was to assemble a television stand without my glasses, akin to doing a Rubik’s Cube in boxing gloves.

The frustration mirrors our plight. As with the post-Europe qualifying season, we again fail to capitalise on a promising season. An interminable run-in beckons.

Now Alan your comment that ‘Joe did some good things up here’ was very noble – nonsense but noble; even from miles away, I could hear your teeth gritting like the gearbox on a 1950s Scammell.

I have to ask: Why do you put up with it?

You admitted the money gives you some privileges, and it’s a decent job for the CV.

Does that compensate though, for being the front man for this shower? There’s the constant let-down on transfers, apart from the other January when the cleaner got hold of the company credit card and went berserk.

When you go for these grand-sounding policy meetings, did you hear giggling behind you after you left the room having delivered your wish list?

After all, the club’s stated aim is survival, nothing more nothing less. And yet you still turn up for work.

The appalling attitude to domestic cups, our attendance treated like a mandatory corporate staff charity day, is a disgrace to a club with our cup tradition.

Yet you still turn up for work. You aren’t a fool, you read the media, you know your credibility plummets every time you try to justify the latest lunacy or banana skin by your employer.

Your time here would guarantee you a decent position somewhere else. Yet you still turn up for work.

Maybe you’ve seen how many of our ex-managers disappear into obscurity after leaving (go on folks, count them, see how many prosper), and decide ‘the better the devil you know’?

I don’t ask out of anger – I’m beyond that. I am genuinely curious as to why an apparently ambitious manager still hangs round here like Chris Martin in Coldplay?


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