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Mark Douglas: There's money to me made from a well-run Magpies

The meeting on Monday of NUFC Fans United was full of fire, passion and – it must be acknowledged – a dash of anarchy

Mike Ashley

The meeting on Monday of NUFC Fans United was full of fire, passion and – it must be acknowledged – a dash of anarchy.

If this was a channel for fans looking to vent their spleen, it was an undoubted success. Fury was the common denominator in just about everyone who spoke, with some even misdirected at Joe Kinnear’s confidante Eddie McIntyre, who had turned up to offer a sort-of-defence of United’s new director of football.

The group – along with others that are working behind the scenes to try to forge a way forward – have made a start. But in all honesty it felt like the very beginnings of something and there is much, much hard work to be done before a consensus emerges that Mike Ashley will have to take seriously.

Graeme Cansdale, of the Mike Ashley Out Campaign, delivered a passionate deconstruction of the owner’s legacy at St James’ Park before calling for him to sell up.

But when someone from the floor asked him what he proposed in Ashley’s place, it did not draw a realistic or constructive alternative.

What do they – and others calling for Ashley’s head – suggest the way forward is? If they provided one I must have missed it.

A much better point was made earlier in the meeting when someone queried why Ashley didn’t seem to realise that engaging and energising supporters would be much more beneficial than the antagonistic tactics he employs.

“He is sitting on an untapped gold mine,” one contributor said. And therein lies the rub. For the benefit of Ashley – and in language he speaks – there’s money to be made in a happy, healthy and properly run Newcastle United. For all the raised voices on Monday, that is the message most likely to get through to the Magpies owner.



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