Rye House Rockets 56 Berwick Bandits 36

Berwick Bandits were keen to make amends for their 15-point defeat at Leicester the night before and take some Premier League points

Speedway action
Speedway action

Berwick Bandits were keen to make amends for their 15-point defeat at Leicester the night before and not only put on a thrilling show at the Rye House Rockets yesterday afternoon, but take some Premier League points as well.

Berwick managed to get off to a rather inauspicious start with No 1 Seb Alden winning heat one by a massive amount, only to be excluded by the referee for failing to have a dirt deflector fitted, turning the 1-5 in to a 3-3 in one fell swoop.

Nicki Barrett was leading heat two with partner Liam Carr in second until the Dane’s bike stopped at the end of the opening lap as Kasper Lykke overtook Carr to score a home 4-2 and put the Rockets into a 9-3 lead.

Jason Bunyan and Tyson Nelson took a conventional Rye House 5-1 in the third after a good battle with Berwick’s Robin Aspegren.

Kozza Smith was the next Bandit to throw points away spinning 360 degrees at the end of the third lap, leaving the way clear for Anders Mellgren and Oliver Greenwood to hit five past Carr, with Berwick now trailing 19-5.

Alden came out as a tactical ride for Berwick in heat five for double points, but took second behind Nelson in another home advantage.

Smith decided enough was enough and made a brilliant gate on the slick and very dry track to hold his three points to the flag, but behind, Barrett was taken at speed by Oliver Allen to spilt the Bandits’ pairing and reduce the 1-5 to a 2-4.

That returned to 16 points again after heat seven, as Bellego was then nominated as Berwick’s second and last tactical ride in heat eight. The Dane didn’t slow soon enough to allow his double-point partner through for six points instead of four in the 1-7 which took the score to a more respectable 30-20.

Heat nine took three attempts to run with Nelson excluded for touching the tapes and Kasper Lykke coming in to replace him, but during take-two with Smith out in front Jason Bunyan fell on the second lap with Lykke laying down, but still struck his partner.

Allen and Aspgren found little trouble in gating ahead of Aspegren and Matthew Wethers to take another home 5-1 to edge closer to a home victory with the score now 38-24.

After the interval Alden sealed three points, and with Bellego holding out Lykke at the back the Bandits won a 2-4 heat advantage to reduce the deficit to 40-28.

The home side took a match-sealing 5-1 in heat 12 with the score now 45-29.

Alden retired from heat 13 which was won by Smith, but the efforts were all too late as Rye went on to take victory and all three points.

RYE HOUSE: Oliver Allen 8+2, Pontus Aspgren 6+1, Jason Bunyan 4, Tyson Nelson 8+1, Anders Mellgren 13, Kasper Lykke 12+1, Oliver Greenwood (guest) 5+2

BERWICK: Sebastian Alden 3, David Bellego 9+1, Robin Aspegren 3, Matthew Wethers 3, Kozza Smith 10, Nicki Barrett 5+1, Liam Carr (guest) 3


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