Newcastle Diamonds 58 Redcar Bears 37

Local rivalry was running hot once more in last night’s Premier League battle at Brough Park

Richie Worrall in action for Newcastle Diamonds
Richie Worrall in action for Newcastle Diamonds

Local rivalry was running hot once more in last night’s Premier League battle at Brough Park.

Despite the local issues heat one got off to a fairly subdued start, with Richie Worrall taking an easy win over Redcar Bears’ Hugh Skidmore in a 4-2. Heat two was a simple 5-1 to Newcastle’s Lewis Kerr and Chris Schramm as Steve Worrall suffered and engine failure on lap one, while Carl Wilkinson fell twice to end up firmly at the back.

Following two false starts to heat three, one of which saw Ludvig Lindgren come crashing to the ground off bend two to be excluded, the second re-run saw Ulrich Ostergaard take an easy three points in a Bears 2-4 taking the score to 11-7.

Complaining of a very sore hand, Steve Worrall retired from heat four as Stuart Robson took an easy win over Kerr and Aaron Summers in another home maximum to extend the lead to 15-9.

Andrew Tully and Summers exchanged the lead several times in the best race of the night in heat six as part of a 4-2 to put the home side 10-up, 19-11.

Amazingly Ostergaard was not nominated as a tactical ride in heat seven, which would have been a great move for the Bears as he went on to win in well in a shared 3-3 instead of a 3-6 which took the scores to 27-15.

Tully and Kerr nearly took each over off on bend one, with Tully ending in second as Kerr battled well with Skidmore for the third place point taken by Redcar in an away 2-4, after which the tactical rule was finally implemented with Summers battling for double points. But Summers’ four points only came courtesy of his partner Wilkinson slowing off the last bend to let him through in a Bears’ 3-5 to slightly narrow the gap to 32-24.

Coming out of the interval with the Diamonds 10--up and into heat 11 and Robson and Schramm regained control for Newcastle with a solid 5-1 over Skidmore and Matej Kus to extend heir lead to 41-27.

Ostergaard came out as the Bears second tactical ride in heat 12 and he rode a magnificent four laps to pass both Kerr and Tully to record a six point haul in the 3-6 to narrow the gap again to 44-33.

Worrall and Robson made Kus and Summers look ordinary in heat 13 by streaking away for a massive 5-1, leaving the score with two races left on the card at 49-34 with Newcastle guaranteed the win.

Newcastle: Richie Worrall 13+2, Christian Henry - Rider replacement, Andrew Tully 8+1, Ludvig Lindgen 10, Stuart Robson 11, Chris Schramm 6+3, Lewis Kerr 10.

Redcar: Matej Kus 2, Hugh Skidmore 4, Ulrich Osytergaard 15, Micky Dyer 1, Aaron Summers 8, Carl Wilkinson 7+1, Steve Worrall 0


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