Jon-Lewis Dickinson sets his sights on family hat-trick

If Jon-Lewis Dickinson can finally keep the prize that has been his for nearly two years, it will cap a family hat-trick

Birtley Boxers, From left, Jon-Lewis Dickinson, British Cruiserweight Champion, Craig Dixon, Travis Dickinson at the Hilton
Birtley Boxers, From left, Jon-Lewis Dickinson, British Cruiserweight Champion, Craig Dixon, Travis Dickinson at the Hilton

Jon-Lewis Dickinson is looking forward to the mother ofall family celebrations this weekend.

The Birtley cruiserweight is determined to finally give the British belt which has been his for nearly two years pride of place in his house.

Beating Neil Dawson tomorrow could be the highlight of a remarkable family hat-trick.

On Saturday younger brother Travis knocked out Danny McIntosh to claim the English light-heavyweight title.

The next day nephew Jacob stopped Jake Leeming to reach Sunday’s English schoolboys 48kg semi-finals.

By then Jon-Lewis hopes to have permanent possession of a prize he has seen little of since claiming it in April 2012.

Then and only then will he think about the next challenge.

“Travis was absolutely brilliant, I’m so proud of him,” says the 27-year-old, proudly sporting#teamdickinson on his T-shirt.

“He’d put that much work in and I’d seen a change in him. It was absolutely amazing. He was pretty much perfect on Saturday. He maybe took a couple of shots he shouldn’t have done but he’s got a great chin. But you can’t go full pelt without getting hit.

“I’m over the moon for him and if I win on Saturday it will have been a great week for us.

“When there are two of you there and you see each other doing well it does push you on.

“I get more nervous for Travis than I do for myself. Once his fight was out the way on Sunday morning it was a relief and I thought, ‘Now I can think about mine!’

“I said when I first started boxing if I didn’t win anything and Travis won everything, I would be made up for him. Last week he was in the best shape I’d seen.”

Ever since Jon-Lewis beat Matty Askin in Oldham, his goal has been to keep the belt outright, which is the reward for three successful defences.

“I woke up yesterday morning and realised it was a couple of days to go,” he says. “I will be the first boxer on Tyneside to achieve it so I can’t wait to get in there, win that belt and keep it forever.

“It kind of ups your game a bit when you win a belt. It’s your belt and you don’t want to lose it.

“You go in there believing in yourself. No one’s going to take it off me.

“I’ve hardly ever had that belt, the boxing board has taken it back after every fight. When I’ve defended it three times it’s mine to keep. When I have had it back it’s just been on top of a cabinet in the living room, but I will have a proper display made for it when I win. I’ve already got a Prizefighter glove and a few other things. It’s nice to collect these things, I’m quite proud of them really.”

Dickinson enjoyed showing off his belt to his fellow Newcastle United fans at St James’ Park on Tuesday.

“It was absolutely amazing,” he says. “You don’t get those chances too often to walk on the pitch at St James’s Park. There’s loads of people would love to do that, but I got to because I’m a champion. It’s those kind of things that spur you on.

“I don’t want that to be the last time I walk on St James’ Park showing off a belt, I want to do it with the European belt and whatever belt I can.”

A spot of home decoration apart, he is not looking beyond that, though.

“I honestly couldn’t even tell you what they call the European champion,” Dickinson insists. “That’s how much I’m concentrating on winning this belt.

“I got offered some fight along European lines and stuff like that but my mind was just on winning that belt. If you start going off track and thinking about other things you get into the situation where you might have to give your belt up and I never wanted to do that.

“I want that belt and once that’s out of the way I can start thinking about what I’m going to do in the future.”


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