Preparing For The Future

Having been a member at Newcastle United for almost 40 years, Peter Jobe has been appointed as their Club Secretary replacing Steve Derbyshire.

Having been a member at Newcastle United for almost 40 years, Peter Jobe has been appointed as their Club Secretary replacing Steve Derbyshire. A former Customer Service Manager in the gas industry, Peter took early retirement six years ago from his post and hopes his experience will prove to be a major asset to the club.

He said: "There have been some major changes at this club in recent years. We are pleased with the course and the development within the club house and as for the specific changes; we decided to run the office as a proper administration office. Like most private members clubs, we had a secretary and a treasurer, basically two managers running the place. So we took the decision that we needed one manager to handle the situations that can arise from time to time within the club.

"My actual role is Secretary/Treasurer and I am a member of the Golf Club Managers Association. We have now appointed a new steward and his wife Brian and Tracey Flanagan and they have assisted with the development of the friendliness within the club. We have also changed the caterer, who is now Dave Woolley and he has transformed the catering facilities here at Newcastle United - he has made a tremendous difference.

"Our Head Greenkeeper Peter Anderson has been with us for 23 years and he has overseen the remarkable development of the course. As for the future, every club is struggling at the moment and we are no different to any other club. Being a working-men's golf club, one of our difficulties is that we have been hit particularly hard with the economic downturn and the weather over the past two years hasn't helped. So what we have had to do is to take a very positive outlook for the future in that we are developing the community spirit and the youth in golf.

"What makes this club so successful is its flexibility for example; we have had our president painting the locker rooms, we have our green-staff re-grouting and painting the gent's toilets, we have had senior members of the club re-painting the club house and that's why a private members club like ours will actually survive. We have been here for over 100 years and I see no reason why there shouldn't be golf on the Moor for the next 100 years.

"Newcastle United tends to attract new members who are new to golf because we are realistically priced for city centre golf which is one of the key attractions and some people see our course as a stepping stone and others as a key introduction to golf. This year has been no different, we have had quite a high turnover but we anticipate that we will get new members in to replace those that have left. Our membership tends to be younger than many other clubs and the ones that stay, tend to stay for a lot of years. This is a community golf club with a quality golf course which has developed tremendously over recent years and one of the key developments this year is our partnership with Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and the introduction of a 36-hole competition for Category One golfers."

County Captain Kevin Cademy-Taylor, another long serving member at Newcastle United, has taken on the role of Performance Coach and Peter believes this will make a big difference to the club. Kevin is to develop the practice facilities and will be overseeing the coaching of the younger players and also in local schools. He will also be responsible for helping the club to achieve the GolfMark Award.

Newcastle United Golf Club has successfully negotiated a number of difficulties throughout its history and Peter believes that the club will continue to develop and flourish.


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