Chris Paisley gets in shape for a new Tour bid in 2014

Exercising helps get golfer Chris Paisley in good shape for New Year challenge

Chris Paisley
Chris Paisley

As Chris Paisley gears up for his New Year challenge of getting his career back on track after losing his European Tour card, running out of steam on the course or lacking flexibility is highly unlikely to be among his concerns.

Even a day off did not allow Paisley the luxury of getting away from his job entirely because he started Christmas Day the way he begins every other day of the year.

He said: “I spent 20 minutes stretching muscles in my legs and my core muscles and in my back and shoulders and on each side of my backside.

“Although my routine is to go to the gym every other day, I feel I cannot miss even one day doing the stretches first thing.

“Because of the way your body is positioned when you swing a golf club, golfers are going to have trouble with their posture unless they do these stretches every day – your shoulders get rounded and all that sort of thing – but after I had done those exercises I drew the line at anything else.

“I am usually careful to eat healthily but I let myself go a bit and got stuck in to the festive food and had a couple of beers.

“I skipped my usual protein shakes, there was plenty of protein in the Christmas turkey!”

Christmas week started with an agonising day for the 27-year-old Paisley with his Glasgow-based physical trainer Kenny McKenzie.

“I needed a day off after that, “ added the Close House-attached Paisley, a former Walker Cup player from Mickley Square.

“Normally Kenny does half a session then the rest two days later because it is such hard work and the sportsmen and sportswomen he trains are usually local to him.

“Yet because I had travelled up we did it all in one day and I really felt it the following day – every part of my body ached.” The 5ft 8in Paisley, who weighs 69 kilos (10st 8lb), can back squat 100 kilos and dead lift 110.

He played 31 times on the European Tour last season and no player competed more often.

He is still guaranteed some starts on the tour – including the Joburg Open on February 6 – and victory in any of those will restore his card. Otherwise it is back to the Challenge Tour for the duration in 2014.

Paisley was only ten places short of keeping his European Tour card this year and made a profit from his maiden season of around £94,000. He said: “Kenny has worked out a programme for me and he sends each training session to an app on my mobile the day before I do it.

“I have only been training with him for a year and because I was playing so often this summer we have never had a break when I could take a proper run at my weight training.

“After playing the Joburg Open I could be in South Africa for a month.

“So the plan is to do more work in the gym than on the practice ground for now and gradually turn that round so by the time February comes round virtually everything leading up to the tournament is on the practice ground.

“To make the improvement I need involves fine margins and little tweaks like a minor alteration to my set-up for my putting.

“Even for someone like Tiger Woods, being a professional golfer is always work in progress.

“The way I look at it is that a lot of little alterations add up to a lot and I feel stronger for the experience.”


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