Signs promising for pairs day

The signs are looking good for those anglers taking part in Sunday's fully booked Water Aid boat pairs challenge at Kielder Water.

The signs are looking good for those anglers taking part in Sunday's fully booked Water Aid boat pairs challenge at Kielder Water.

Over the week some excellent catches from boats have been recorded from the north shore at Gowanburn Farm and at Needs Hill. Fly angler Joe Lewis, fishing at the Lewis Burn, took six for 17lb 8oz, including the week's heaviest rainbow at 5lb 3oz.

The rising waters and flooded feeder streams have also provided excellent sport for bait anglers, with worm and maggot proving the most effective.

Anglers who braved the rain at Fontburn were rewarded with excellent catches with the rod average hitting six on some days. M Dobson of Whitley Bay had the week's heaviest limit bag with eight for 27lb, all taken on ledgered rainbow Powerbait.

J Armstrong, fishing a Dawson's Olive, had six for 22lb, including a rainbow of 8lb. G Brown had the week's best rainbow at 9lb 3oz.

The weekend saw several good catches at Derwent Reservoir, with R Ayre bagging seven for 22lb 8oz, including the week's heaviest rainbow at 9lb 8oz. Despite challenging weather conditions, good numbers of fish in the 3lb 8oz to 4lb bracket were taken by both fly and bait anglers.

Fly fishermen found the conditions at Scaling Dam extremely challenging this week but still managed to record some decent catches, particularly on lures. Regular Les Wheatley from Skelton took the week's best rainbow at 5lb on a Dawson's Olive from the bay at the east end of the reservoir.

Floating lines have been the key to success at Cow Green this week as the fish continue to gorge on the upland fly life.

The thundery, cool weather caused rod averages to fall at Grassholme last week but this changed on Friday when the fish came back on to the feed and the rod average soared to 6.3.

The trout at Blackton continue to feed from the surface leading to great top of water sport. Small black buzzers still provide the bulk of the trout's diet although there have been a few hatchings of Mayfly to provide alternative food. The ever increasing sedge hatches in the evenings have also seen terrific sport to dries and muddles. G Wallace had this week's best rainbow at 4lb.

Fly box - Blackton: Hare's Ear, G&H Sedge, Black Emergers, Black Hoppers, Bibio, Black Buzzers. Rod average: 2.6. Cow Green: Black Bibio, Black Hoppers, Kate McLaren, Black Buzzers. Derwent: Dawson's Olive, Black Fritz, small black flies. Rod average: 2.46. Fontburn: Black foam Hopper, Daddies, Dawson's Olive. Rod average: 4.76. Grassholme: Small Cat's Whisker, orange Fritz, Soldier Palmer, Hoppers. Rod average: 2.9. Kielder: Montana Red Thorax, Soldier Palmer. Rod average: 2.4. Scaling: Dawson's Olive, Damsels. Rod average: 4.

BAIT BOX - Cow green: Float fished worm. Derwent: Chartreuse Powerbait. Fontburn: Multicoloured Powerbait, float fished worm. Grassholme: Ledgered worm and Powerbait cocktail, float fished worm, float fished sweetcorn. Kielder: Worm and maggot. Scaling: Worm and Powerbait cocktail.


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