Sea angling: Huge whiting is the week's big catch

The big catch this week has been whiting as Alan Charlton reports on the latest sea angling news in the region

North East angler Walter Turnbull with his cod of 58.25lb
North East angler Walter Turnbull with his cod of 58.25lb

The Blast Beach has produced the biggest whiting this winter for Dean Appleby, and the fifth biggest I have recorded for the northeast coastline.

The specimen taken on crab bait was recorded at Rutherford’s Angling, where it weighed 3lb 2oz.

As whiting are very light fish for their size, this specimen would have been almost twice the size of a cod of the same weight.

Walter Turnbull was into a specimen when fishing from Crazy Daisy just off Sorvaer Harbour, Norway Turnbull landed and released a 58.25lb cod.

South Shields angler Jeff Elliott and Washington angler Ian Wiles fished a bit nearer home at Crinan.

Fishing from their kayaks in 450 feet of water with big baits, Elliott landed his first skate of 110lb.

Fishing with Lozz Taylor, a friend from Dover, who took two big skate, their catch included four skate of 110lb, 180lb and two of more than 200lb.

Locally, the best catches are still coming from north of the Tyne with Seaham North Pier, Featherbed Rocks, The Target, Marsden, and Hendon prom producing cod to 5lb.

The Target at Ryhope has also given up codling to 4lb, mostly on crab baits, while the south end of Hendon Prom has seen a few codling with the best around 2 ½ lb.

Gary Pye was into the fish again in Seaham’s Night Hawk, taking two codling for 6.19lb, Lee Burton took the heaviest – a codling of 3.93lb.

There are penty of small fish in the Tyne to keep match anglers happy.

Steve Potts took the best bag of 459cm in a sweepstake match, Gavin Owen taking the longest a codling of 41cm. Steve Rackstraw won a sweepstake at the White Wall in the Wear with 361cm – including the longest a flounder of 37cm.

A few boats have been able to get out.

Phantom 1 had two small parties out - the first taking a ling and 14 cod to 7.5lb.

The next trip in better weather produced 50 codling to 6lb.

Sapphire managed a trip out to 13 mile wrecks and took ling to 6lb, stopping at a wreck on their way back in Phil Lough took one of 12lb 1oz.


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