Sea angling

The lower Tyne is the place to be if you want some sport with mixed bags of mainly codling, with coalfish, flounders and whiting also showing.

The lower Tyne is the place to be if you want some sport with mixed bags of mainly codling, with coalfish, flounders and whiting also showing.

Anglers are fishing this venue with all types of bait, although fresh crab has a slight advantage, having taken up to 20 fish per session, although most are around the 1 to 2lb mark, a few to 4lb have been taken.

There's still quite a few mackerel around for the shore angler from most piers, especially if you can fish Seaham pier where on one tide huge shoals came in with anglers taking up to a 100 fish, most returned.

Eels and flounders are still being taken in good numbers from the Tyne and Wear and at this time of year they should be averaging around 1-8-0, with some decent ones to 3lb expected.

The open shore marks are starting to pick up with codling to 2lb being taken from most beaches to a variety of baits, best results will be after dark.

The rockier marks, especially around Newbiggin, should produce the best catches at this time of year and also the better fish when a bit of sea is running.

The Tyne and Whitby, where a 17lb cod was taken just 100 yards offshore, boats are taking ling to over 20lb, with Blyth and Hartlepool boats taking ling to 15lb, with all boats taking cod to 14lb, plus a few decent Pollock the best of 10lb coming from Sunderland.

Boats fishing the inshore ground marks are still taking reasonable numbers of cod to 6lb, with the water being coloured baits, especially those with a bit of scent, mussel, squid, lug and crab are doing better than lures.

For those who fancy it, Mike Wood, skipper of the Dans De Leaur out of Blyth, is taking bookings for winter up tiding trips. Only a few anglers try this method during the winter and I know they take some very nice cod on big cocktail baits. You can contact Mike on (0191) 237 1183 or 07719906849.

Sept 30: Eastenders open match (Penn Points) 3-7pm, venue to be arranged. Pegged Entry £5 1st, 2nd, 3rd h/f opt pools h/bag £2, & overall h/bag at series end. £1 from entry to h/bag pool. Peg draw 30 mins before start. Details Ernie Hunter 07984306120 or Billy Bell 07737461240

REDCAR NAVY & GENTS AC: 17f, 10 w.i. 1st D Allinson 5mck 1wht 4-12-2 h/f mck 0-15-12, 2nd S Dowse 3wht 1-12-12, 3rd R Warburton 2wht 1-8-6,

RAILWAY INN: 13f, 6 w.i. 5cod 1flr 11-7-0, 1st T Berresford h/f cod 5-8-0 (Haven), 2nd D Clark cod 1-9-0 (Hartley) 3rd P Jobson cod 1-6-0 (St Mary's Island)

SEATON SLUICE (River Aln): 8f, 8 w.i. 1st M Pygall (4) 3-8-0, 2nd D Tyler (5) 2-13-0, 3rd B Tweddle (4) 2-12-0 h/f 1-8-0, 4th D Hood (4) 2-0-0.

AMBLE: 1st A Wilson (jnr) h/f 1-5-12, 2nd C Dawson flr 1-2-4, 3rd P Stone cod 1-1-4, 4th G Lockey eel 0-10-4.

BLYTH SAC: 10f, 4 w.i. 1st M Todd 2cod 6-0-0 h/f 4lb (Tyne) 2nd D Madderson cod 3-13-0 (Cresswell) 3rd D Todd 3cod 2-15-0 (Amble) 4th I Greenacre cod 1-7-0 (Cresswell)

LONGBENTON & SEATON BURN: 1st P Nathan 4dabs, 2mck 1pl 5.00lb jnt h/f pl 1.02lb, 2nd F Garrety 3mck 2.11lb, 3rd B Davis 2mck 1.13lb, 4th M Langwell 2mck 1.08lb.

CLEADON: 46f, 24 w.i. (53) 63-0-0. 1st J Taylor 7cod 9-2-0, 2nd S Wilson 6cod 6-12-0 (both Tyne) 3rd S Hobday 4cod 4-15-0 (Groyne) 4th D Compton 3cod (Tyne) h/f A Johnson cod 2-3-0. 46 fished

TYNEMOUTH (Billy Elliot Cup, pier): 1st D Hayley 4cod 1wht 7-3-0, 2nd S Galbraith 2cod 1coal 3-13-0 h/f 1-14-0, 3rd D Slone 2cod 1wht 3-5-0.

TYNEMOUTH (Seahouses): 6f, 2 w.i. 1st M Alderson 2cod 1coal 5-0-0, 2nd D Hayley cod 1-5-0

TYNEMOUTH (win): 1st D Spivey 3cod 6-5-4 h/f 2-6-12 (pipe skeers) 2nd M Elliott 2cod 2-6-12 Sharpness, 3rd B Hill 2cod 1-14-14 (Tyne)

RYHOPE (s/t Panns Bank): 32f, 32 caught. ZA 1st D Stokoe eel 1-4-0, 2nd E Talbot eel 1-3-0, 3rd J Clark eel 1-0-0. ZB 1st B Dobson coal 0-14-8, jnt 2nd J Wilson/K Martin cod 0-14-0.

EASTENDERS (Rover): 14f 4 w.i. (6) 1st T Tate cod 2-0-0 (Roker) Jnt 2nd R Carr (Walkway) G Gardiner (Sth Shields pier) cod 1-8-0, 4th B Robson cod 1-2-0 (Sth Shields pier)

EAST END & HENDON: 24f, 6 w.i. (24) 1st B Robson 2cod, 3wht, flr 4-12-0 h/f 1-8-0, 2nd R Carr 3cod 3-12-0, 3rd G Gardiner 3cod 3-8-0.

SASC: 16f, 6 w.i. (14) 1st P Scott 4cod 48pts (Sth Shields pier), 2nd G Priest 1cod, 1wht 13pts, jnt 3rd S Williamson/G Burns/T Fairless 2wht 2pts.

WEAR BOATING ASSOCIATION (Roy Norman Trophy): 1st D Briggs ling 4lb "Samson" 2nd J Bainbridge cod 3-8-0 "Swordfish" 3rd O King wht 1-8-0 "Kingfisher".


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