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Boat angling continues to improve with charter boats fishing from Hartlepool, Tyne, Whitby and Blyth, all reporting reasonable catches.

Boat angling continues to improve with charter boats fishing from Hartlepool, Tyne, Whitby and Blyth, all reporting reasonable catches.

As expected, bigger fish are coming from the wrecks with the biggest around 15lb, with a good number around 13lb.

All boats from Berwick to the Tees report good catches of cod from the ground with most in the 2-5lb range, with a good number around 5-8lb and a few into double figures.

Private boats are also taking reasonable catches from all inshore marks with cod in the 2-5lb range with a few better.

Anglers fishing out of St Abbs, Burnmouth, Eyemouth and Amble also report taking some decent pollock.

However, the masses of whiting have kept anglers happy, especially at Hartlepool, when nothing else has been around, seem to have disappeared.

With a bit of surf running bass and good-sized flounders have been taken from the beaches at Hartlepool to ragworm and crab baits, but weed has been a problem. A few decent turbot to over 2lb have been reported from Warkworth and Embleton beaches.

Coalfish to over 1lb are starting to appear in greater numbers from South Shields and Roker piers, along with a few decent sized codlings.

The Tyne and the Wear are still plagued with undersized fish, but a few bigger flounders are now starting to show in catches to anglers using fresh crab. Good sized flounders have also been taken from Seaham's North Pier.

And a simple way of preventing motorists getting stranded on Holy Island causeway? Put a barrier at either end.

AMBLE: 1st M Spence 6flr 3-6-4 h/f 0-12-12, 2nd C Dawson 3flr 1-12-8, 3rd M Connor 2flr 1-5-0, 4th T Cook 1flr 0-12-8.

ARCHER St AC (Eyemouth): 12F, 5 W.I. (11) 1st L Angus 2cod 2coal 5-11-0 h/f cod 2-6-4, 2nd B Office (2) 3-9-4, 3rd P Bough (2) 2-7-4.

RYHOPE Sweepstake (Panns Bank): 38f, 38 caught. ZA 1st J Clark flr 0-14-0, jnt 2nd P Hossack & J Charlton 0-8-0. ZB 1st E Talbot flr 0-11-0, 2nd B McLennan 0-8-0, 3rd J Lovett 0-6-8.

EASTENDERS Sweepstake (Panns Bank): 21f, 21 cuaght. 1st M Burton flr 1-7-0, 2nd E Hunter flr 1-3-0, 3rd B Surtees 1-1-0 h/bag B Surtees 4-13-0.

EAST END & HENDON Sweepstake (Glass Centre): 14f, 12 caught. 1st S Cummings (40) 830cm, 2nd E Hunter (31) 736cm, 3rd A Rutherford (30) 694. SAC (Glass Centre): 12f, 4 w.i. 1st T Tate (8) 201cm, 2nd G Gardiner (8) 193cm, 3rd B Robson (8) 191cm. L/F J Brydon flr 32cm.

SEAHAM SAC Charlotte Davison Cup (North Pier): 45f, 12 w.i. 12 flounders, 2 dabs, 1 plaice, 1 coalfish and a bass) for 8.76 lbs. 1st Susan Hope (jnr) (2) 1.81lb h/f bass 1.37lb, 2nd D Borwell 2flrs 1.62lb, 3rd K Newton (2) 1.37lb, 4th S Newton (2) 1.36lb piars S & K Newton (4) 2.73lb.

RYHOPE SAC (Tyne, Gateshead): 38f, 38 caught. ZA 1st G Watson (6) 167cm, 2nd M Burton (4) 163cm, 3rd A Hardy (4) 130cm. ZB 1st K Carter (13) 359cm, 2nd P Richardson (10) 275cm, 3rd J Lemon (6) 187cm. L/f S Rackstraw flr 37cm.

WEAR Boating Association h/f 1st match: J Bainbridge (Swordfish) cod 6-7-0 (gutted) 2nd match: J Ord (Swordfish) cod 6-8-0 (gutted).

LONGBENTON & SEATON BURN (m/wk, Tynemouth pier): 1st P Nathan 1.08lb h/f flr 1lb, 2nd K Reid 0.08lb.

WESTOE: 8f, 1st M Jewitt 3coal 1flr 4-1-0, 2nd R Overton h/f cod 2-6-0, 3rd B Pattison coal 1-1-0 (all Sth Shields pier).


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