Sea Angling

Boat catches are certainly on the increase with reasonable catches coming from most ports from Whitby to Amble.

Boat catches are certainly on the increase with reasonable catches coming from most ports from Whitby to Amble.

Most fish have been coming from the rough ground, most in the 2-5lb range, however there has been a few to 10lb.

A variety of baits and lures have been taking fish, but fresh crab, worm and squid have been the best baits.

Shad, jelly worms and lead heads fished on long flowing traces have proved the best lures. Squid and prawns have been working especially well at Amble, where some decent Pollock to 5lb have also been taken.

Boats fishing the wrecks have taken some reasonable fish with, as expected early in the year, Whitby seeing the best fish with ling to 15lb and cod to 10lb.

Within another couple of weeks good fish can be expected from the wrecks off the Tyne, Blyth, Hartlepool, Newbiggin and Amble.

Shore sport at the moment is pretty slack but if you want to have a go for thornback or lesser spotted dogfish, getting more abundant along our coastline, try the colliery beaches or Seaham piers, especially for LSD's and Hartlepool piers where fish to over 2lb have been taken.

Plaice once again have been taken from various sandy marks, especially with the calm conditions giving clear water, South Shields pier and Lynne Burn with, as expected, ragworm taking most of the fish.

The best of the plaice are around the 1lb mark and it will be a while before the bigger specimens start turning up.

The few codling that have been taken have come from Eyemouth, Burnmouth and St Abbs along with the odd decent wrasse.

Rutherford's League dates all 7.30-10.30pm Friday, June 8 (Copthorne), June 22 (B&Q Scotswood), July 6 (Copthorne), July 20 (B&Q Scotswood), August 6 (Copthorne), August 20 (B&Q Scotswood). Entry £10 per match all welcome. Details Andy (0191) 565 4183.

The Ryhope Tuesday sweepstake starts its summer season of matches in the Wear on Tuesday, May 8 fishing from 7-10pm at Panns Bank. Call Bob Surtess on (0191) 5237272 for details.

WESTOE: 12f, 1st R Patterson coalfish 1-4-0 (The Mesh) 2nd J Mclachlan coalfish 1-2-0 (Sth Shields pier) 3rd R Overton plk 0-14-0 (Sth Shields pier)

LONGBENTON & SEATON BURN (Tynemouth pier): 6f, 5 w.i. 1st G Craggs 1.09lb, 2nd S Ward 1.07lb h/f coal 0.13lb, Jnt 3rd S Hardy & P Nathan 1-0-0.

SEAHAM (SNRS) WILKINSON SHIELD: 53f, 7 w.i. (9) 5.68lb, 1st A Byrom (2) 1.21lb, 2nd C Hossack (1)1.20lb 3rd Sue Hope (2) 1.13lb, 4th Eyvonne Newton (1) 0.87lb pairs 1st A Byrom & Sue Hope (4) 2.34lb, 2nd C Hossack & M Hudson

SEAHAM (jnrs) Bill Padgett Cup: 13f, 4 w.i. (4) 3-0-0. 1st Kieran Newton flr 1.05lb, 2nd Jed Charlton 0.87lb, 3rd Mark Simpson 0.70lb, 4th Steve Dixon 0.38lb pairs K Newton & J Charlton 1.92lb

SUNDERLAND (Panns Bank): 37f, 37 w.i. Z1 1st N Cutler (22) 513cm, 2nd R Edwards (18) 513cm, Z2 1st A Harvey (10) 250cm, 2nd P McIntyre (10) 233cm. Jnr Stephen Morley (5) 114cm, l/f B Gasgoine flr 34cm.

EASTENDERS: 18f, 5 w.i. (6) 1st G Smith flr 0-8-0, 2nd B Surtees 0-7-8, 3rd C Bell flr 0-7-0.

EAST END & HENDON (Wear): 10f, 1st A Rutherford (28) 641cm, 2nd B Robson (20) 466cm, 3rd C Foot (17) 394cm.

EASTENDERS OPEN (Wear): 28f, 28 w.i. cod/coal/wht/flr 1st C Hossack (18) 431cm, 2nd A Harvey (18) 427cm, 3rd E Knightley (11) 275cm, 4th B Surtees (10) 247cm, l/f C Smith coal 41cm.


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