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Braving the cold is a fishing winner at Derwent Reservoir

THE cold weather over the past week kept many regular anglers from Derwent Reservoir but those who braved the conditions were rewarded with good sport with large shoals from early season stocking to be found.

THE cold weather over the past week kept many regular anglers from Derwent Reservoir but those who braved the conditions were rewarded with good sport with large shoals from early season stocking to be found.

Gareth Stokoe from Consett landed 25lb of prime rainbows, including the best fish of the week at almost 6lb.

The much needed rain arrived to top up the aquifer at Sharpley Springs where fishing on the Doxford was buoyant this week with good catches recorded.

Paul Manning and Andy Roper, both from Sunderland, each took 10-pounders on a Black Buzzer while John Maguire from Newbottle returned 16 and Dave Robson from Seaham returned 18.

John Armstrong from Crook also returned 18; Alan Swales from Ryhope netted 15 and Barry Nicholson from Stakeford and David Todd from Gateshead each landed 21.

Stuart Sexton had a good session at Jubilee Lakes with a Daddy Long Legs, casting it out and leaving it for 10 seconds - if he didn’t get a take he would cast again.

Paul Hunter from Darlington had the largest fish with a 7lb 12oz rainbow; Vaughan Hemy from Whitley Bay had one of 7lb 9oz; Michael Broadbent from Bishop Auckland landed one at 6lb 13oz; and Ian Richardson from New Hartley had one of 5lb 4oz.

The fishery has extended its four-hour and sporting tickets that are now available on any of the days we are open and on a Friday through until 8pm.

Naworth produced yet another excellent week’s sport, with 501 fish landed and 12 doubles and there’s a good chance that the fishery’s weekly catch record of 600 could be smashed in the next few weeks.

R Rowley landed the biggest fish at 17lb, part of his total catch for a morning, of 12, all taken on Buzzers. M Proudfoot had a good day, landing 33, including rainbows of 16lb, 16lb and 10lb on Buzzers; J Wardrope landed one of 12lb to fly; J Smith landed one of 12lb on worm; S Allerdice landed one of 12lbs to fly.

J Gibson landed a fish of 10lb to fly; D Ronson landed fish of 10lb and 8lb 8oz to Buzzers; M Findlay landed one 10lb to fly; C Isles landed one of 10lb to fly and I Davidson landed 15 fish to 11lb 8oz to Buzzers.

The best catch of the week was made by N Foster with 47 8lb 8oz on fly.

J McNeill landed 36 to 7lb on Buzzers; P McNeill landed 32 to fly; B McNeill landed 27 on fly; and D Cruikshank landed 20 to fly.

The first double figure fish of the season at Grassholme was landed this week. The fine 10lb 8oz rainbow was taken by Terry Crawford from Crook who was fishing from the gravel beach next to the boat ramp.

Mickleton angler Craig Owen made good use of his loyalty day at Hury, weighing in a nice limit catch. Craig fished the more sheltered water in the lee of the wind near Reedy Point.

Jeff Wild from Billingham, fly fishing at the west end of the dam wall at Scaling, ended the day with an eight-fish limit, safely returned another two. Alan Bright from Lingdale, fishing bait at the East end of the dam wall, was less than five minutes in to his first cast when he hooked into a fish of a lifetime - a cracking 10lb brown. He also landed two blues.


Derwent: Dawson’s Olive Hot Tail, Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Cats Whisker, Orange Fritz

Grassholme: Black Fritz, Orange Blob, Cats Whisker.

Hury: Cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive, Zulu, Black and Peacock Spider.

Jubilee: Black Humungous, Creeper Cat, Green Nymph, Diawl Bach, Olive Bloodworm.

Scaling: Dawson’s Olive, Cat’s Whisker, Buzzers.

Sharpley: Black Buzzer, Olive Shipman’s/Shuttlecock, Diawl Bach, Black and Peacock Spider, Black Beetle, Damsel Nymph, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Cat’s Whisker, Bloodworm.


Derwent: Orange Gulp Eggs.

Grassholme: Yellow and Orange PowerBait Eggs, White Gulp Eggs, Magic Dust.

Scaling: Maggots, worms, and Magic Dust in a feeder.



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