Boats net some good catches

When the boats have managed to get out of port they have had excellent sport.

When the boats have managed to get out of port they have had excellent sport.

A private boat out of the River Tyne fished a mileand a half off Briardene and took some decent cod, the best weighing 18lb.

The party on board used jiggers and lead head shads, mainly blue or green.

Sunderland boats are taking good numbers of cod weighing 6-8lb on Hokis, squid and a new artificial lure called a Sidewinder Tempest Eels.

These have been taking a lot of pollock, coal fish and cod.

The lures come in four colours - red, blue, silver, and green - representing sand eels and frankly, they look more like a sand eel than a sand eel does!

You should be able to get these from most local tackle shops.

All boats from Sunderland North report masses of mackerel and at times it has been difficult to wade your way through them.

With the amount of decent fish that has been landed this last week prospects for the Fraser's Open Boat Competition on Sunday is excellent.

The competition is a single heaviest fish match and is open to all boats from anywhere along the North East coast. Fishing is from 10am to 4pm with weigh-in between 4pm and 6pm at The Royal Quays Mariner, North Shields.

Anglers with boats at Amble, Blyth, Sunderland etc do not need to come by boat for the weigh-in as they can travel by car.

Tickets are now on sale at Rutherfords, Sunderland; Fraser's, Whitley Bay; and Amble Angling Centre. For details call (0191) 252 6017 or me on (0191) 518 4561.

Mackerel are now being taken in huge numbers from all piers in the area.

Roker Pier is also producing some decent herring - don't forget the British record is only 1lb.

If you get a fish of this size or bigger take it to your local tackle shop for verification.

Meanwhile, a club which I am not going to name but which is from north of the Tyne, held a competition on South Shields Pier recently.

One of the members of this normally good club turned up at the weigh-in with over 70 mackerel where he was told he was only allowed to weigh-in six.

In response, this so-called angler threw all the fish into a litter-bin!


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