‘Beasties’ rule the roost as Jubilee fish go deep

THERE is still good sport to be had at Sharpley Springs as the fish continue to gorge themselves in preparation for the winter.

THERE is still good sport to be had at Sharpley Springs as the fish continue to gorge themselves in preparation for the winter.

Peter Metcalf from Gosforth, fishing a Pheasant Tail Nymph, safely returned a 21lb 12oz golden trout on the Hangman’s Lake while D Dack, also from Gosforth and fishing a PTN, took and safely returned a 12-pound rainbow.

Andy Yard brought a 12-pounder to the net, while Chris Ryan, fishing a Green Beetle, took and safely released fish of 12lb 8oz and 11lb 12oz. Ryan Barrow, fishing a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, netted a superbly condition 10-pounder.

It was a good week’s fishing at Jubilee Lakes with those anglers switching tactics to suit the conditions enjoying the best of the sport. Not many trout were enticed by the smaller, traditional patterns this week with that honour falling to the larger “beastie” lures.

Paul Moore of Hetton le Hole, fishing a Humungus, had the week’s heaviest fish at 17lb 15oz, Philip Totten from Lanchester had one of 15lb 5oz on a White Nomad and Doncaster angler Laurie Robb, fishing a Damsel Nymph, hooked a fish of 12lb 11oz.

P Gilchrist, with five for 15lb 6oz, won the Egger fishing club competition at Langley Dam where Malcolm Lowden recorded the heaviest fish at 6lb and the best bag of the week with five for 15lb 12oz.

After another good stocking at Sweethope Loughs anglers had good sport to lures as the cold winds forced the fish deep. Intermediate lines with Dawson’s Olives produced the best results while on warmer days fish are falling to Daddies and Hoppers.

From Monday worm anglers will be able to fish the top lough.

Sport has slowly started to improve at Lockwood Beck with more fish coming to dries and emergers. Boat anglers in particular have enjoyed excellent sport boat anglers have had some good sport with P Neesham catching 16 on nymphs and dries, keeping four for 14lb, D Morton netted 13, keeping three for 11lb 12oz, and Les Davison caught 10.

Bank angler Mike Ayton caught 25 on Diawl Bach and Olive Buzzer from the west end of the dam. Graham Hill had 10, the best at 7lb 8oz, on CdC Hoppers and John McGarrel caught nine on dries, the best at 8lb 8oz.

D Geldart had the best rainbow of the week at 10lb and G Evans netted the best brown at 8lb. With the colder days setting in the fish are rarely sowing on the top at Witton Castle Lakes but anglers opting to use black and green lures on intermediate lines are still enjoying good sport.

David Bower of Leeds, fishing a White pearlised Fritz body with black tail, had the best fish of the week at 17lb 8oz, completing his bag with fish of 6lb and 3lb.

Stuart Hambleton of Bishop Auckland had another successful day on the Black Zonker taking fish of 7lb, 4lb and 2lb.

Steve Knight of Bishop Auckland, fishing a sporting ticket safely returned an 18-pounder taken on a Black Fritz to the East Lake after a very productive day’s fishing.

The River Wear has just had another fresh lift of coloured water and is now a foot above summer level but the water is running off quickly.

Sea trout are running heads down for the upper reaches and the river is in need of a couple of more good lifts before the end of the season.

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Fly Box

Jubilee: Humungus, Zonkers, Cat’s Whisker, white patterns such as the White Nomad, Daddies.

Langley: Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear, White Fritz, Cat’s Whisker.

Lockwood Beck: CdC Hoppers, Diawl Bach, Olive Buzzer, various nymphs, dries.

Sharpley: Waddam’s Hare’s Ear, Olive/Black Fs, CdC Sedge, Black Palomino Buzzer, Diawl Bach, Foam Beetles, Detached Daddies, Damsel Nymphs, Sedgehog, Sugar Cubes, various lures.

Sweethope: Dawson’s Olives, Black Fritz, Orange Fritz, Damsel Nymphs, Gold Bead, Hares Ear, Daddy’s, Hoppers, Muddlers.

Witton Castle: Cat’s Whisker, Black Fritz, Black Zonker.


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