A View from the Gallowgate: Alan Pardew's silence is hardly a ringing endorsement of new regime

Has he gone yet? I’m almost afraid to open my morning newspaper in case I’m confronted with more lunacy from the club

Alan Pardew
Alan Pardew

Has he gone yet? I’m almost afraid to open my morning newspaper in case I’m confronted with more lunacy from the club.

Thankfully all is quiet, but the most telling silence is from the manager. His less-than-ringing endorsement of the new regime reinforces my belief that he won’t see the new season in.

While we’re being drip-fed targets and bids, the feeling of apathy is beginning to take hold. Aiming for top 10 indeed, and about the same time it’s revealed that Sports Direct is taking over a huge HMV store in London.

Given the bizarre methods of employment used by Ashley, he’ll probably hire John McCririck as manager, on the basis that he used to play the triangle at Harrow.

I missed the meeting at the Newcastle Labour Club, unfortunately, which was apparently rather spicy. Kudos to the two representatives from the club’s optimistically named PR and media department.

I wrongly proclaimed that you had the cushiest number going, considering that few people believed a word that emanated from SJP anyway, so you could release the lyrics to The Birdie Song as a press release and nobody would notice. I have revised my opinion, however, and your lot makes being Charlie Sheen’s publicist seem like a breeze.

While we do take these things with an industrial-sized pinch of salt, I note one of our targets has expressed a desire to hold out for bigger than us.

This isn’t a great surprise. When the manager continually whines about being in Europe and expressing relief at non-participation, it amounts to the equivalent of a travel agent selling cruises with the strapline “Go to exotic places – and get sea-sick”. Add to that the fact that the bloke pushing all the buttons only got the job because on his CV under ‘qualifications’ it says ‘Someone’s mate’, and you hardly have a footballing paradise waiting to be explored.

If we can tempt anybody here, I wouldn’t show them the new first-team strip either, if images released last week are to be believed. Subtle it isn’t, and ironically coinciding with the news of Constable’s Hay Wain being defaced with a photo. What next? Cameron Diaz growing a beard?

A sad note to end. RIP Bob. Sunderland have lost a good ’un.



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