Survey comments - Q6: Will the club be sold by January?

The man is too avaricious he will make a profit one way or another, remember he is a ruthless gambler and is not bothered about his reputation.

The man is too avaricious he will make a profit one way or another, remember he is a ruthless gambler and is not bothered about his reputation.

Who wants to spend the kind of money that ashley wants on the mess that he has created.

Those with capital will wait for signs that Newcastle are doomed or safe as Ashley may jump to get the best price if the former is the case

Has anybody, given the economic climate, got that amount of spare money?

he won't accept a cut price so doubtful.

Ashley wants too much money for it

World financial climate will get worse by then

I am seriously worried about the number of key and younth players who could and will walk away free due to this pathetic owner and his total lack of respect and professionalism with our club. why are none of them getting new contracts? If Ashley was a man of his word he will be gone before June therefore it will not cost him a penny to renew them.

Ashley is too greedy,he'll have to drop his price to what is right for the current market.

The current owner/chairman is not willing to walk away without a profit. That is why he is exceedingly rich. If I had his money I would not walk away from a cash cow like NUFC.

no in current financial climate.

Ashley is greedy and to me seems content to let this great club slide further into decline.

No, I don't think so. Newcastle simply aren't an attractive proposition at the moment. (of course if I had the money I would buy it in a heartbeat)

JUst the players then the club in the summer

Who would buy this club?  I would tread very carefully if I was investing my cash.

i dont believe Ashley has any intention of selling but i dont think he has any intetion of investing either

Due to the current economic climate it will be very difficult to attract a buyer, particularly as due to some bad investments & poor performance by some of his companies it seems that Mr Ashley is wanting to make a profit on the sale of NUFC.

who will want it

Due to us sitting at the bottom of the table and because Ashley is asking to much. Also the person who is selling it is also dealing with 3 other clubs and is only afer a big commision cheque.

Some weeks ago Keith Harris stated that a decision would be reached on Nov 22. I am still waiting.

Who would buy a club in turmoil

Not a chance. God knows how Mike Ashley made his money, he must have found it under a gooseberry bush. All his actions so far shows how little he knows about business and football. It's just as well he has put the sale into someone else's hands.

Credit crunch having an effect & Ashley does not appear to be willing to sell for less than he is asking.

Financial climate together with an inflated asking price will prove difficult for an early sale.

Ashley still doesn't seem to 'get it'!  He is holding out for a profit but at the same time, threatening the premiership status of the club: which would definately mean he'd have to sell for less if we were relegated.

i believe ashley wants to make as much money as possible before selling maybe in the summer

I believe this is another bit of guff by the club and its hierarchy.  As usual under this regime, a lot of what is released is by way of leaks and backhanders to southern based media who have another agenda more often than not as NUFC-bashing is a favoured sport for them.

Nothing ever works out how you think

Mike Ashley is asking for too much money. Fair play to Mike he has got the club in a healthy state financially and apart from a couple of mistakes has not deserved the criticism he has received.

It does not look likely. So if not within two weeks I sincerely hope not. This will deter the current owner/management team from stripping the club of their player assets in the Jan window. To do so would render the club to almost certain relegation and thus reduce its value in the marketplace. But don't be surprised if it is not sold and still gets rid of high salary players. Wise is not very wise and seems to have Ashley by the cuticles.

As allways, its so quiet but ithink before xmas .  Which will leave shearer to come in. I wouldnt be surprised if he was lining up new sighnings right now I havent seen him on tv for some time. I think you will see rob lee and john carver and maybe whinsper all in his backroom staff

I thin Ashley is playing a waiting game hoping people will forget what he done and keep hold of the club

I think Ashley will get the first possible decent buyer he can. But, if January goes by, then I seriously doubt that Ashley will release many funds and the club could face a serious relegation struggle.

If the current due diligance shows NUFC to be a good buy.

Ashley is facing an unacceptable financial loss.

It will probably be end of the season, hopefully after not being relegated.

I think the way is being paved for Ashley's long term tenure, with JK as manager until the summer. I'm also starting to believe relegation would be acceptable to him (Ashley) in the long term as it would clear out the big earners.


who would buy a rotten apple

I dont think ashley has any hopes of getting a second chance with the toon army so i guess he has to sell and honestly we do need a fresh start!

I think Ashley has said he will sell the club, but in reality he probably won't. I think he was hoping that the reaction would die down, and all would be forgotten. How completely out of touch the man is!

Ashley is too greedy.

We need stability if we are to avoid relegation and two full backs

I think htey'll struggle to find a buyer due to the financial situation globally.

No money about and Ashley is too greedy to let it go without a profit

He won't drop the price enough to find a buyer

I certainly hope so, if only to free up some transfer cash in January, though I'm worried the new owners may put the club back in hock again, like Liverpool and  Man. Utd.

with any luck! it the only way forward for NUFC

It would appear that only money is the road to success in the present day 'football' environment. Newcastle need to be part of this rat race to compete at the highest level. We need a very rich buyer to meet this challenge.

because the club will be getting relagated if the club does not sell beofre january

I'd like to be proved wrong but this saga just seems to be going on forever.  Wahtever happens its crucial buys players in January - its premiership survival may depend on it.

Ashley should have had a buyer by now,the man city sale went through quick enough, he is probably hoping we will foget what he has done to OUR club and try to carry on regardless

in this market no chance

Its all just a smokescreen in my opinion.  Ashley is dragging his feet selling the club.

I hope it is, but the signs aren't good.

the pr in this club is disgusting ashley does not care about the fans otherwise he would be in contact everyday and gave his side to the story he is a typical owner who just wants a profit

it was my girlfriend who said weeks ago (to much mockery from me) that he never had any intention of selling and that the whol thing was just to take the heat off. Regrettably, i am starting to agree with her.

I am praying!!

I have to believe so or we could go down!

Seriously, who would want to buy them?! I'd rather crawl barefoot over hot coals.


next summer me thinks

Ashley must turn this around as if he sells the price of my ticket might go up and at least i got a free beer of him in the toon,long live the king and the one wise man.

To Tescos pull it down and sell food to the unwashed

overpriced by Ashley

who would want to buy us

No one wants it

Ashley is hoping the fans will back off but as long As Wise is involved then they wont

Another of Ashley's PR stunts.

We all want the club to be sold to a committed buyer as soon as possible.

God I hope so !!!

I really do hope im wrong, But with the way the economy is a think it will be very hard for a deal to go through before the end of the season. 1 thing is for sure the club will be owend from people overseas

ashleys plan of buy and sell at big profit looks ljke failing

Ashley will hang out for his price, and the buyers are just not there

Otherwise we're doomed...

The credit crunch is a false excuse. If Ashley is so worried about his safety losing a few million wouldn't make a difference. The fee he's asking is stupid, especially when Arsenal are worth less on the open market.

In honesty I can not see any sale & or interest in my club, as it is a ship which the rats are looking to desert & any propective buyer would not want a wreck which is about to sink. Mr Ashley, wanting £300m for a stadium & a team all of whom are totally abandond & are only pawns to be sold. There is no heart in the club & the supporters are not willing to partake it is a total disaster.

It seems that Keith Harris has been talking a good talk and that's about it as far as selling the club goes, the writing was on the wall when I heard that Ashley would only sell to the right buyer and Kinnear making noises about how he hoped Ashley would be able to go and cheer from the stands again.

I am seriously doubting the sincerity of the owners intentions. I wonder if it just is a smoke screen until the supporters settle down.

Had Ashley removed Wise and Llambias quickly when it was obvious that the fans wanted then out (as recognised by the media and the national press) my answers to Q7 and Q8 would have been differerent.

PR stunts are happening to much from mr Harris

present economic climate and NUFC's position in the league and instability will I believe preclude any imminent sale. Ashley needs to hang on for a while yet

if not ashley will have to come out of hiding at grasp the nettle

i have to say i thought it might have been sorted by now but the longer this goes on, the more worried i am becoming about it not being sold

the club was for sale the day ashley bough it so nothing has changed

As much a fervent hope as an opinion. My main aim is to get Llambias and Wise out of this club. I'm not bothered whether Mr Ashley stays or not.

It should be if Ashley is honest about selling the club and he's not just waiting for the clamour to die down.

end of the season

essential as we neeed to strengthen the squad

I don't believe mike ashley will get his asking price in the current market.

It needs investment in players if not forthcoming - down they go.

I'd prefer a fan's takeover. It's the future of football. Time to kick out the football fatcats and reclaim the game for the fans.

Not enough time

no dont think we have any chance of being sold

The longer this state of limbo continues the more the chance of relegation. Then who would step in to buy a struggling Championship side?

I would like to see the club move on, but there are a lot of financial problems at present

Ashley is stalling to allow fans to calm down.

But only if Ashley turns a profit

i hope so .if not i fear we will be relagated

Look around you, there's a global recession and Mike Ashley did'nt get rich by giving things away!!

I would say yes because if it isnt Ashley will have to release some cash for the transfer market in order to ensure they have sufficient resources to stay in the premiership.Also there is the matter of contracts for Owen and Ameobi-both of whom are out of contract in the summer-without clarity neither would consider the possibility of staying.In order to ensure he doesnt get involved in this a sale-even at a reduced price-is the way out.Also if there is no sale he has to consider how to manage a PR route back into some kind of relationship with the supporters which might be hard to deliver but not impossible

The biggest problem is, will the new owner have the funds to invest in new players

Otherwise we are doomed

If it is not then I would revise my answer to Question 10 - I think we would be relegated.

i will not be back in my seat until the club is sold and a new manager is installed

I hope so otherwise we could be facing the drop. The league has never been tighter at the bottom, we need direction and leadership and we need it now.

Ashley has no intentions of selling the club at the moment. If he stays however, he needs to invest in players.

we are not being kept informed so we have no idea what is going on but we knew little last time the club was sold.

Sold down the line perhaps!

It could drag on until next season.

But if not, Owen's contract needs sorting out ASAP

i answered yes, but that was merely in hope, because if it is not then relegation is a certainty, especially if ashley carries out his vowed no more money policy.

It will take time to negotiate the sale price followed by due diligence and any ultimate discussions resulting from this.
asking too much if asking 300+million

ashley will sell all the best players then go

Who in their right mind would splash oue 300M for a joke club

I think Ashley would like to stay, but he has dug a whole that appears not to have an escape ladder. As a member of the NUFC Supporters Panel we have asked repetitively for Llambias to attend one of our meeting as Chris Mort did, buthe has never attended and I think that says it all - Positive PR from NUFC is non existent

yes if Ashley reduces price he wants

Unless the price is droped to £180 million

buyers will want to take over the club by then so that they can have an immideate impact in the transfer market to 'buy' popularity

But will only finally believe it when it's all done and dusted.

I think it will take more than a couple of months to purchase a big business like NUFC

I am very confident that a deal will go through. My own preference would be the alleged Kuwait interest but I'm happy to see any investor come in who is committed to establishing us in the top 5 and has the financial clout needed for such a task.

Doubt if anyone has the money at present.

January would be too late for the transfer deadline,the club needs to be sold NOW.The new owners would need to have a manager in place immediately to be able to wheel and deal.

who'd buy it Ashley needs to get real and put the correct price on the club

There was a masssive over reaction by the fans over Keegans sacking, I didn't renew my season ticket because I believed that keegan was always likely to buckle under any pressure, he has done this too many times, he should show more loyalty to Newcastle fans than he has done if he wants our loyalty. Lets face it Ashley owns the club , has paid of debts, why should he be vilified? Why should he have to sell the club?

Recession is kicking in and I think it was just another stunt by Ashley to calm things down and keep the fans off his back.

I don't think Ashley will get the price he wants in the current economic climate.

It has to be or we will be in a relegation battle, & possibly without Michael Owen, & without strngthening the squad in the transfer window.

I would like to think so before the window opens, we need some new signing to strenthing up the Club

Unfortunately, the credit crunch is hitting everyone, and probably won't be over by the end of January. I think it won't be until mid 2009 now - but I hope I'm wrong!

I think Ashley plans to stick around, hoping results will improve and fans will forget. There seems to be a campaign afoot. eg JFK's words last weekend....and this survey. No way Mike. Sell up & move out.

In the present financal gloom no one in their right mind is going to invest £250m.

The fact is that we have heard so much conjecture it's hard to know what to beleive. If it is then great but I can't see it happening as I think Ashley is asking for too much money and definately wants to make a profit.

Prospective buyers will want a deal done by then in order to make some moves in the January transfer window.

January to me is a bit far away we need money for the transfer window,  this is really gonna be pushing things for getting new players in

Dont really care if he doesnt sell it. Keegan was wrong to just walk away AGAIN. He could have made his feelings known and have the fans have their say.That would have put pressure on the structure of club.

Will be sold, but I'm not entirely certain whether it'll be done by January; which doesn't bode well for the transfer window

If not the club will drift until he gets less than half what he paid for it

It should be sold before the transfer window if not leave it untill the end of the season

Despite Ashleys spin I think the club was always open to sale if the right offer came in. I think he might have set too high a price for the club.

Somehow or other I don't have much confidence it will be sold. The bigger question is as below, can the fans forgive Ashley, and is he prepared to let the bygone be bygones himself and re-commit to the club financially. We don't have to like MA personally we just have to see enough money to make us competitive and no more cronies in the board room.

The changes must be slow and steady. We need continuity. The players do not need yet another manager in January.

Simply because of the international economic crisis.

Some of the so called consortiums seem to be scraping the money together, I would prefer to wait on somebody who can actually afford it

Had the financial world not suffered the drop then 'Yes' but people now are taking a deep breath and watching carefully before committing to spending [on anything]

The credit crunch doesn't nobble all the super rich. The sad thing is it will go to someone else who will use the club as a commodity but thats the state of the game in England

Only because the chap involved has said this, and I felt he was reliable enough to say this.

If not then Mike Ashley needs to put the past in the past and get back to St. James' Park with his family, and the fans should get behind him and welcome him back. Sure he made some mistakes but I feel that most of these mistakes were probably made by the people in put in control and he, as any good manager would, just stood by his team.

I think Ashley will hang on for the price he has his heart set on and in the present climate i cant see many lineing up to invest that kind of money.

I don't believe anything that comes from Ashley or his employees.

Completion will depend on how much preparation work Mike Ashley's team will have done re Due Diligence etc. Its very important for the club and for Mike Ashley that it does, otherwise he will have to invest more in players, if he wishes the club to retain its value.

Possibly later, hopefully before next season though.

But only if the financial climate doesn't worsen

No, Ashley may well hang on until the economic climate improves and he can get more money for it.  This has been a tale of excuses since after he took over. Can't answer 8 - we have no choice in the matter.  It's more about the side getting points to stave off a relegation fight at this stage.

Mike Ashley needs to be realistic with his valuation. Sadly, I think he's a million miles off.

What with the economic climate at the moment and I don't think MA wants to sell

I believe that either a) the asking price is prohibitive, and/or b) Ashley has no intention of selling at this time.

It is obviously the wrong economic climate to be looking to sell any business, never mind a football club.  Does Ashley want to stay? If he does then stick with him. He has put 1/4 Billion Pounds into club, it is in a better financial footing than when the previous owners had it, that is without doubt. It would be acceptable to me, and i'm sure to many others for Ashley to stay even without a credit crunch going on. He just needs to be a bit more forthcoming in what his plans were/are. Certainly Chris Mort was a major loss.

By January? Maybe. During January? Probably.

No one is going to buy the club on a whim like Ashley, they will want to go through all the proper checks to make sure they know what they are getting.

Due dilligence may push it past that date.

I just have a feeling this is going to drag on for a while.

I don't think Mike has any intention of selling it.

Yes I do - but there's worse owners than Ashley out there.

We hear conflicting information all the time.  The interested parties maybe very serious but will they buy?

Ashley wants too much. He has NOT put £250 million into this club, he has NOT paid off the debt.   We saw from his statement that he thinks we are thick by his blatant lies and contradiction of earlier comments. You can fool all of the people some of the time etc.

It seems as there are two serious bidders. Asley has burnt his bridges and his position is untenable he has to go.

yes, i think it needs to be,things gone to far to turn around,but its a great shame,it could of been so good ,but manager has to be able to manage in his own right

The red tape involved would take too long

In the current finacial situation, no one in their right mind would speculate on an industry with such volitile nature.

If not before. Certainly needs to be done before the transfer window.

It has to be sold! I can't see how Ashley can carry on with the club after what has happened! He has treat NUFC like a toy and he doesn't give a damn, he's got no passion for NUFC.  He needs to leave!

Obviously I don't really know.  I am not certain that I entirely belive everything that has been said.  For example Keith Harris has stated more than once that the club being debt free makes it attractive.  In my experience any debt would simply netted off against the eventual acquisition price of the business and therefore I don't see it as such a big attraction. 
What is more important (from a business sense) is the ongoing profitability but does a potential buyer view a football club in the same way they would view another type of business acquisition?  Who knows, it is very difficult to make very much sense of what little information is coming out.

There's a lack of comment but that is typical of Ashleys regime and one of the reasons it was such a mess.

Certainly hope so, being in limbo is no good to anybody

hope it is to a good football man

I hope so albeit I'm beginning to have doubts - Harris now talking poss Jan which would be far too late to make use of trans window. Re below I have always thought that Ashley could providing he got rid of Wise and Llambia(has anyone ever seen a comment from him) and brought back Mort and a Manager who is allowed to manage which includes buying and selling players.
Even Ashley cannot have failed to note the farce at Spurs and how Levy has responded by changing system of management.

Because it is Newcastle United, they always do things the hard way and no doubt the interested parties would disappear at the last minute and all we will be told was that their interest cooled or some other sound bite. But we will not be told who they were because of client confidentiality

In the current financial climate it is unlikely to be sold befor the end of the season.

as the  team get better, it will invite more bids

I'd be surprised if it was sold this season, we're not exactly a good proposition at the moment.

I hope it is because i can't see mike ashley putting more money into the club for transfers, who would come to a club with so much uncertainly.

Things will not go through that quickly.  Also if the club are struggling in the league, I can see poteential buyers waiting to see if we are relegated as they could justifiably reduce the price if that happens.

Terrible communication by the club/Ashley breeds distrust. He is out of his depth in the football world.  Listened too much to stupid fans and brought Keegan back. He needed to go for an experienced manager and mistakenly kept top-manager when he took over. We need a special type of manager to handle NUFC.

who ever buys newcastle they must be ready to spend but not big time  leave big spending till summer

In this climate financial climate the club may not be sold quickly, I think that Ashley was on the correct lines in turning the club around, and to be fair his team did bring in some good palyers. The only mistake he made was ti appoint Keegan in that set up, his past record should have told him that he was liable to walk away if he could not get his own wa. After all he had done it twicw before to Newcastle.

The credit crunch is taking a heavy toll.

I think it is gone to far down the line for Mike Ashley to change his mind

If there is anyone daft enough to buy it.

Unfortunately Ashley seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. Hopefully new owners will be the right people with the club at heart for football reasons, not solely commercial ones.

I think it should be, especially if we keep improving the way we are!  But where will that leave us in the transfer window?

Most likely before the end of the season, but January is too soon

I believe that Ashley is not stupid being a self made billionaire. So knowing the current financial climate put the club up for sale with a high asking price-knowing this would not happen. (if it did he would have sold) He then will wait until the end of the season and re-assess. As for the credit crunch well its gonna be here for at least 18 months so if he wants out he should accept breaking even, Its a buyers market not a sellers right now.

Not as long as Ashley is looking for a massive profit, people know what he paid, and are not stupid, if he's that keen to sell, why not just find the right buyer and break even, there is much more chance of finding a genuine buyer.

Ashley won't sell without a healthy profit.  The time isn't right to do that, so I believe we will see Kinnear installed full-time, moderate transfer activity and even less comment from Ashley than before (if possible).  He could well be owner for some time yet until somebody gives him silly money for the club.


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