Survey comments - Q4: Should he have been disciplined?

That still does not justify using the language that he did.

That still does not justify using the language that he did.


Other managers say much worse and people turn a blind eye to their comments.

The media were told to keep quiet about it as it was off record, blame them

you can understand the frustrations,so,understandably Joe hit back.

His grammar was in poor taste but who's wouldn't be after the cynicism of all of our media.

if it was a planned tactic to take attention from players it worked,so well done Joe.

He should have been given a talking to for putting the club in a bad light.

At a normal club perhaps yes as this soap opera it doesent really matter

by who? the invisable man at NE1 or the FA

the press should have been

2 wrongs don't make a right

Unfortunately there is much too much of this kind of language in every walk of life now and people in responsible positions should be setting a better example.

You have to go with your feelings and be honest

Had he been in the job for a while then maybe yes. But this was his first day and he already had a two match touchline ban to serve, any form of disciplinary action would have been counter productive to his job, the team and the club in this instance.

Comments were made before the start of the press conference.

Only censured about the choice of language used, after all the press are not squeaky clean are they?

Without doubt no. These people have been gettting away with murder for years and if anything Joe deservers a medal for putting them in there place.

Why? The press are not held to any measure of accountabilty why should he be.

everyone who knows joe knows what to expect

he speaks his mind, and can get the toon out of trouble if the owner gives him the cash come january.

for telling the truth?????????????

Only mildly

Nope. He is no axe murderer or thief and his words rub the thick-skinned press as much as a "cat peeing on velvet" would do.

Because the press deserved every thing they got.

If members of the press cant take that kind of language they should not have been there. 'Throw the first stone.' comes to mind.

Do we really want to encourage this type of behaviour as being representative of our club?

They deserved it!

Are the press discipline for fabricating stories? No.

Nothing happened. Or should have. Testament that he was only verbalising how the majority of us feel about the gutter press.

Off the cuff and off the record

What he said wasn't wrong, but how he said it was.

He should be allowed his say! It was the papers that printed it!

Like all modern media, they will sensationalise the event. Any high profile manager should be aware of that and act accordingly. He must have known that a great deal of young supporters would be listening to his interview.

The incident had nothing to do with the FA

you cant use those words in an interview which you know is going to be shown  I agree with the sentiment but not the vocabulary

I think it should simply be seen as an understandable but unfortunate reaction to the complete disarray that abounds in every aspect of the club at the moment. Better to simply let it slide and start again. If it was to happen again then there would have to be disciplinary action I think.

No way.  Freedom of speech still reigns in the UK.

Bobby Robson was right, the manager of NUFC can't talk like Kinnear did, it just brought an already shamed club further into the spotlight

He's a disgrace; he needs to realise that children may have been watching, even though Newcastle have very few young fans due to their extortionate pricing structure and exclusive season-ticket-only ticketing policy.

No, only the players should have to be disciplined and at his age he shouldn't have to be too disciplined anymore and he should be allowed to be fat.


He should be given the job permanently

See above. He continues to trat the authorities in this way his comments after the Fulham game were simply another example.

Freedom of speech and the press are often out of order themselves.

He still crossed the line and he should have made sure that the press did not go public as it just gave them another negative story about our club.

My kids follow football too, and he set a bad example.

He should have been sacked & an apology issued to the media instead of the situation that was allowed to fester on.

The FA were right to warn him about this matter and that should be the end of it.

But by whom, there is no one at the club with sufficent guts to discipline him.

He set an appalling example to others and only served to bring his club and supporters into further disrepute. His recent outburst about the referee only makes matters worse.

how did his swearing reflect on the region, and help school teachers keep order in schools

the press aired the interview to save face, expecting him to be disciplined

I think a warning was enough at the time. I think the press deserved it, but would prefer our manager to show a bit more class. Like KK would have done.

He should be applauded.

Some people have a limited vocabulary & have no option but to use fill in words like Joe.

Justified or not, the manner of the outburst is unprofessional

A quiet word would have done.

Why should he when have swearing chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, idiots like Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, plus a whole load of self promoting "celebritiy bigheads" using old English.

Managers should be allowed to speak their mind, especially when they have been personally critisised by the press.  Don't think this has anything to do with the FA.

Told it like it was

Only if you are going to discipline the players for their language while they work.

He was giving as good as he got, they like to dish it out but not for people to give it back!!!!

Yes - by the club.

He didn't commit breach of contract etc, so why should he be disciplined?


Those things are said at press conferences all the time. It's just that this particular tirade was reported by the nationals.

No spokesperson for NUFC should resort tho that sort of foul language.

Probably, he shouldn't really have allowed the thing to go publc.

If my children spoke like that they would be disciplined

He spoke from the heart and showed some passion.

No argument. His family must have been really proud of him!

Who cares what he says to the press. The club don't speak to the press at least it was some communication.

It isnt worth talking about anymore.

People are losing the freedom of speech and it's good to see people saying what they really think.

should roy keane have been disciplined for his comments about the sky tv pundits?  of course not. they both spoke the truth.

It should have been made clear that the club would not tolerate anything of this nature in the future.

use that sort language in the steet you can be arrested

He was put in a very difficult position and swore at the press will everyone who swears get disciplined, let it rest.

He's not a kid!

Only if the press were, they have licence to do as they wish

you shouldn't punish managers for speaking their minds

He should have been told off by the club.

Disciplined is a harsh phrase, reprimanded as he was by FA about future conduct, yes.

No way! The tabloid press live in the gutter and think nothing of smearing any target they like. I'm sure Joe's outburst did much to endear him to his players and to the Geordie public.

The unbelievable anti Newcastle United bias in the national press and on TV has to be countered by someone ,who better than the manager! He should be congratulated NOT disciplined.

Quite right he was

This at least got the players on his side which I believe is why he did it.

Freedom of speech..... or is this a Policed state.

the Pressure was put on him before he had a chance of settling in.

Possibly warned as to his foul language and to ensure he does not repeat it on National T.V. or radio od to the press, only behind closed doors

I'm sure that the media use the same colourful language in private?

Why were the press fair? No.

Like I said, he didn't mean it.

No, enough muck has already been raked at this club.

How?  What are you going to do about it?  If he walks away, who else would do the job?

surely everyone has an opinion, pity them on the receiving end didn't like it, now they can see what we as Toons have to put up with on a weekly basis

It was so supposed to be private. But once again the press took an opportunity to put the north east down. The national press would to see sport in the north east oblitarated.

It's a free country and the language is no worse in most pubs and clubs across the NE.

Why not? The truth hurts sometimes.

Absolutely not.

He should have been given a bonus.

He only said what many others may have wanted to say, but I don't think he did it as an attack on the press, I think this was a calculated distraction at the expense of the press.

For the truth?!

He wants them to know what he thinks of them, I did not have any problems with it

No, they were his personal comments, and most would agree they were justified.

Why? For responding to journos who were mocking him?  Definitely not.

Surely he's allowed to voice his opinion? It's up to the press to decide whether or not to broadcast. If anyone should have been disciplined it should have been them.

he should be knighted!

He should have received a medal for it.

He wasn't swearing at referees or FA officials

Think it was taken far too seriously when it was just a standard rant.

From what i gather a lot of managers swear in conversation with journalists, but because Kinnear did this when he was putting the press in their place, and they knew he was right, he was made out to be the villian, to deflect away from the fact what they had written was untrue.The press must never be questioned must they?

The press can dish it out but the minute they're confronted about it they go running scared. He should be commended not disciplined.

For telling the truth, no.

He should have chucked them out of the door there and then!

Behind the scenes this goes on a lot - Kinnear is the only one so far to let them print it - plus it took a lot of the media heat off the players.

yes, but internally

Yes, but for the language only, not for the content.

I think it was handled alright.

Definitely not. He said what the majority of fans would have loved to have ssaid.

he was correct in what he said & did his job

53 expletive delitives, not good publicity at a time when you thought things were embarassing enough


if he had been disciplined then we would have had another "new manager"

He was entitled to respond but his language could have been less colourful.

He spoke the truth. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was refreshing and novel from a southener. Last honest southeners to comment in a constructive manner on NUFC was Sir Les and Robert Lee

I think the warning he received was sufficient.

I think he was taking the spotlight away from the players so that they could get settled down quicker.

He did what he had to and the journos who were targeting him, and everyone else, deserved all they got. I back him 100 per cent on that (although I'm not a fan of bad language either).

It was not right but the media at that time wanted anything they could get against Newcastle United

he agreed with the press that what was said was between them and him  some one else decided to make it public

His language was out of order,although I thought that it was fully justified.

Why highlight it, it would make relationship with media harder

The only reason for which he may have been disciplined was for not being forthright enough.

Disciplined?  How about a medal!  or freedom of the city!

Only if it was supposed to be on the record, in which case maybe yes.  But good to see a grown-up approach from the FA for once.


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