Survey comments - Q3: Was Kinnear justified in his outburst against the national press?

Sometimes the press forgets that the games are the show, not them.

Sometimes the press forgets that the games are the show, not them.

He has a point but perhaps went a little (not to much though) to far

They had it coming. He was only saying what everyone else was thinking but were to scared to say it.

Didnt agree at the time but it appears to have had a postive effect

But just wish he would keep his frustations to himself

Did two improtant things, halted the media's distastful obsession with running us down and made a seige mentality to help the players.

its just another incident giving to the national press to put nufc in a bad light and make a joke of us again

Most of the media cannot get by without a daily fix of sensationalism. If the cannot find it they invent it.

yes but i think it was to draw attention away from players, it sure did that.

I agree with what he had to say, just not how he said it.

What happened to good behaviour and good manners, thing of the past unfortunately

In a time of trial by media it should probably not have come as a surprise to him, no matter how unjustified it may have seemed at that time.

he just wanted the spotlight on him but continued to show NUFC as a laughing stock to the rest of the country

Some outrageous things were printed, yet again, by the mainly southern based press without any thought of factual reporting.
At times the club has rightly been pilloried, but in this case it was not justified so I think he was justified, although the swearing was OTT, but again the press just ran with it when it was supposedly off-the-record.  Given the supposed 'dream setup' along the road at Sunderland and the amount of money spent on what is probably the biggest squad in the Premier League, the results have been very poor and yet the lack of criticism in the national press is truly remarkable.

They havent helped the situation at NUFC or Joe Kinnears situation over the past few years and hes nipping it in the bud before he gets slated before he even starts his job at NUFC.

In was a PR stunt to win the fans round

The outburst may have had some vailidity had it not been for the unnecessary profanities.

Certainly as Newcastle are always the whipping boys for the press

I say no as it was not a good piece of PR on his arrival at a club in turmoil. However his comments were after the press conference had finished were they not? he was naive though to think no one would be still recording.

As usual they make statments without any facts Joe is an honest manager, if not everybody's first choice.

He should have been more canny in the way he phrased things.  Emotion fine but change the grammar and delivery.

I think that WAS a PR stunt designed to forge a siege mentality amongst the squad and isolate them from the press to some extent.  And to get them to notice the new man at the helm.

But he has the right to defend himself against any bad press, he could have handled that press conference with a bit more dignity. Sir Kevin or Sir Bob would'nt have acted like that

A clever move

Without question the national press declared open season on NUFC a long time ago and alll we have done is enabled them with a string of horrror stories both on and off the pitch. Some of these stories are of course script written for efffect and Joe has managed to shame thw gutter press into at least concentrating on the truth .

"the press" will do anything to make a story and they particularly like to pick on losers in tough positions or unable to defend themselves. NUFC falls into both categories and Joe was the rep of NUFC; easy target but good for him to attack to defend.

He should have realised his outburst was going to be reported anyway without the swearing. The swearing just grags the name of the club even lower.

leave him alone to get on with the job

had he have not swore every sentence then yes as the press no longer report news they simply invent their own stories and sources

its about time someone stood up and said what we all think about the press and their savaging of our club, fans, area etc.

After all the lies and garbage levelled at the man i was not surprised  At your job would you not? the media are great at destroying people but not very appologetic when proved wrong

Definitely!!! Especially as far as Newcastle United are concerned, and also about him. He'd barely been here 24 hours and they were creating mischief. But, too many four letter words doesn't help our cause! But Joe is a 70s Man!

He always says what he thinks and i admire him for that. He's a football man and has got plenty of passion.

The press write to sell papers, the truth is secondary to them.

Is this the type of image we want to project?

In some ways yes but in others no. He made himself look like a fool but it did take the attention way from the players which was good.

They had somehow undermined and disrespected him.

Was a PR stunt to galvanise a "us vs them" seige mentality at the club, helping motivate the players.

The national press would have very little to write about if NUFC did not exist

But he could have chosen his language more carefully.

It's about time someone stood up to those in the national press who delight in creating stories to deliberately create negativity towards, in this case, Newcastle United and its fans.

The press smelled blood and they didn't like it when a wounded animal that they had cornered bit back.

The press have got away with making up stories about Newcastle Utd and exaggerated our negative aspects for too long.

Southern based biased press got what they deserved

Don't the national rags just love to knock us when we're down

it's about time sombody told the media straight up! i would have thought there were more than a few managers wanted to do this!

When you have a high profile job like manager of Newcastle United, you are expected to show discretion and ingenuity when representing the club. Kinnear's performance was an embarrassment to everybody connected to the club.

I can understand his frustration but best to ignore the press and get on with the job. After all, Newcastle do have this appalling ability to provide the media with bad stories - the whole Ashley affair must rank as the most disastrous thing to have happened to Newcastle. Even Shepherd's incompetence pales into insignificance compared to Ashley's actions.

None of our business we do not know what went on behind the sceens

The nationals have had a negaive campaign running against us for years with every little problem being blown all out of proportion

the press have been taking the mick since before kevin left  jfk may have been wrong with the choice of words but the feelings he spoke of hit a chord with a lot of newcastle supporters

Everybody knows the sporting press can be critical. Whilst some of the backlash against him, before he had even taken up the post, was clearly unfair it would have been better for him to have held his tongue and allowed any improvement in the team's performance to silence the criticism.


Yes, it was nice to see the press get some stick for a change!

i only wish the players had his passion and maybe then we would see some fight for points

For too long the club has been the butt of the national press jokes and the scribes have had no respect It was time that one of our managers did a 'hairdryer-Ferguson' on them!!!

He needs to realise that he is in a high profile position and needs to act professionally

He went ridiculously off the boil. Very embarrassing.

cool heads needed when you are in turmoil

Yes most of the national tabloids have a southern bias.

It was completely unprofessional, and an awful example to set for the Geordie youth.

He and the press have a lot in common.

The man's a fool

The rant was justified  the language was not

No and even if he was this is no way to deal with people.  Bobby Robson was right not a good example for youngsters particularly when authorities are preaching respect in the game. Kinnear doesn't know the meaning of the word.

but not in the way he did

I suspect it was a clever calculated game to deflect critisism away from the players

He said what every fan wanted to say to the press.

should have been said long ago

But without the swearing.

In substance yes, in manner no.

Yes, but still should have kept his gob shut!

His comments about the press were totally correct.

The one area which I will back him 110%. The national press needs to get a rollocking every now and again. Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho, Benitez, Scolari, would not accept the personal criticism that our club has been given over the years. I'm surprised that out of the many managers we have had, it's took a caretaker to say what he said.

This outburst was the worst possible thing he could have done! NUFC, is a total laughing stock & now we hire foul mouthed hot heads which brings nothing but more troubles to a club in total failure.

To a certain point the southern press needed to be put in their place but at that time it was unfortunately just more ammunition for them.

In his position one should never react in that manner no matter how much bad press you receive.

The national press know little about the club and their reporting has been a disgrace. In this respect the braodsheets have been as bad as the tabloids, particularly Syed, Samuels, Dickinson, Barclay and Barnes. The only objective reporting that I have seen is by Henry Winter and that is because he understands what the club actually represents to people in the north east. I would suggest that they need to spend 23 months up here and then they might begin to understand.

refreshingly honest - has public sympathy

he was doing ashley's dirty work. Ashley couldn't come out and sear at them after they gave him a good kicking, so Kinnear did if for him. Kinnear is Ashley's spin doctor

nailed his colours to the mast, took presure off team

But the language was wrong - that gave them a rod to beat him with.

Yes, for his first outburst, but I am getting sick with his moaning about referees.

When the media try to belittle a decent man who has achieved more in his career than they could ever aspire to the answer has to be yes.

The national press's reaction was disgraceful, Kinnear's outburst however was never going to win them over, only make him a much bigger target.

what he has achieved shows his ability. cleverly deflected pressure from players

Again mouth before thought

I think it did more good than harm and possibly created a galvanising effect on the team. The Southern based media needed to hear it!

Very entertaining.

His outburst speaks volumes about his character

Telling it like it is is ok with the fans....he could have been a bit more eloquent though.

It's a wise man who doesn't succumb to the taunts of the press or tv stations.

He was just trying to raise his profile beyond that of a nonentity, and achieved that, at least.

I warmed to him immediately. Said what we all wanted to say but were not in a position to do so!

Absolutely no need for that strength og language to make his points.

Absolutely, you can count on one hand reporters who provide a realistic, honest and unbiased view about the game, the rest are a bunch of newspaper hacks who are over opinionated and will say what they think will sell papers. AND COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with real fans....

Aligned him with fans

Justified, but inadvisable

I think he was right to suggest to the press that they were on the case of the club and its players too regularily but at the same time the way he did it was just ridiculous and so obviously trying to induce a case of siege mentality amongst the players-much like the way he probably ran things at Wimbledon!

However it is part and parcel of football nowadays. Everyone is under the microscope.

they love it when people are down in fact i thought they came very close to being accused of inciting crowds to riot.

The press are quick to criticise managers & players but as soon as the roles are reversed they do not like it. They talk about football being a man's game but then object when 'a real man' like Joe speaks his mind. I do not condone swearing but this was a private conversation. It is clear that some members of the press have an agenda of criticism against Newcastle.

I think it took the emphasis off the players, but didn't exactly promote a positive press for us.

It was fair for the press to act with surprise, even shock. But they made him into a joke figure which was disrespectful.

But his language was disgraceful

It had a galvanising effect on the players - and that's what he wanted and perhaps what was intended

It's about time someone had the bottle to stand up to the press.  They make stories up about us every week.

Typical of the standard of has beens trying to make some impact. He would be better on Big Brother! That's his level!

But he is still a fool

Possibly in the detail, but not in the manner.

He's nothing but a "chancer"

NUFC are no different to any other so called 'big club', they all take their fair share of stick from the journalists, whats new.

But shouldn't have used the F word as much

He did a great disservice to the good name of Newcastle United

he was the only one to take the job on so why have a go at him. if he don`t succeed least he had the gut`s to have a go

He was in a no win situation from taking the Job and I understand his frustration, but as a manager who has just taken over a team he needs to get the press on his side not the ideal way to achieve this

It's no way to talk in public whether be it the press, radio or TV.

I have to agree he was, but it was only directed at certain papers not the press in general

I agree with what he was trying to say, not how he said it.

Very clever, act the fool and some people will believe it. Totally removed the focus off the players and on to himself while making clear statement (and in language no one would misunderstand) he would not deal with the media simply on their terms.

This took pressure of the team and put it onto Joe

You can't argue that the "siege mentality" has not worked! So far!!

They made scurrilous comments about him so he defended himself. However it may be that he was attempting to draw the flak away from the players whilst he sorted things out. That crass lot would not realise that it was a ploy

Without a doubt. The tabloid press are an absolute disgrace and it is about time someone had a go at them in language they understand!

Nobody should have to drop to the level of that lot.

Language was a bit ripe but every comment was deserved by the  national press - not the local press.

someone had to take a stand against the biased southern press

Yes its certainly shut the press up and taken the spotlight off nufc for a change

They have printed a load of rubbish about Newcastle over the years and were always looking for an excuse to print more. he played it to there hands ,and took the media of the team

Go for it, its about time people said what they thought!!

I do not commend Joe's foul language, but he was right to have a real go at the national press, as in my eyes they can be very ruthless and cynical at times  Bill Fish

But without the swearing

I can understand his irritation with unfair coverage, plus it's good to build a siege mentality. But the language reflects badly on the club.

The fact is the national press do there best to undermine Newcastle and it's supporters and Joe was an easy target, they deserved everything they got!

Pure stress and pressure. He didn't mean it.

There was no call for an outburst such as that, even if the press had it coming. There are issues among Newcastle fans that the national press pursues its own agenda against the club. To that I say we give them plenty to write about and weren't the assembled press that day all Tyneside-based?

He still shouldn't have done it.  We don't need any more bad PR these days.

about time someone told them straight, good one Joe

He should have been a bit more responsible

the southern press were hounding him and the club before a ball was kicked

Well he had a right to be riled but not to launch such a barage of profanities. I wonder if it was not all stage managed though to create a seige mentality.

It's about time a NUFC manager told it like it is. More of the same please, it hasn't hurt the team.

Should have been said sooner-even before Joe came on board.

He should just get on sorting out the team, does to many interviews, he appears to be club spokesman. Why do we need to here about his contract and his future? he is lucky to have the job, good luck to him but he has been hired for football reasons

Absolutely. The press behave like an unruly and savage mob from behind their laptops. It was absolutely correct for Joe to put them firmly in their place. While I hadn't welcomed the news of his arrival I immediately thought we had a bloke with some guts and thats what we need. I heard of a few people who carried the transcript of the interview around with them - largely because it was very funny and good for a laugh in the pub, but also because it said something very positive about Joe. I think we all know that bad language can sometimes be very inappropriate but there are times when its usage is necessary to get the emphasis right. Joe might not be Barak Obama but he knows how to get it across

his only black mark

I think it was a good idea for him to assert himself and make his presence felt. A lot of people were regarding his appointment as a bit of a joke, and he needed to make his mark.

He may have had concerns, but his foul mouthed rant was unacceptable.

The national press have an agenda against the club and take clear delight at reporting and mocking our plight.

Justified in that he completely took the spotlight away from the team and turmoil at the club and made it all about himself. I think this helped to create a siege mentality within the club and allowed the players to get back to doing what they do best.

I think he was at the point where he either stood up for himself or became a laughing stock, his outburst made him some enemies but i think a few in the press learned a lesson in respect from it as well.

Most managers I'm sure feel the same way and Newcastle United as a club do get a large amount of ridicule and bad press for no good reason.

Should have been said years ago, but lets keep the bad language in check.

The "London Media" always have the knives out for Newcastle, printing rubbish in order to unsettle the running of the team.
Someone had to let them know it wasn't on. Also cleverly diverted attention away from our problems with ownership,form and injuries.

We get stick of them so much, under Keegan it was silly the amount of bad press we got, the London media don't like us and it was good someone from Newcastle finally had the bottle to stand up to them

Foul language was un necessary, but he was right, the press were like vultures circling for negative press. Perhaps thats the only language they understand.

He shouldn't have taken things so personally but it was nice to see the Southern press get a small taste of their own medicine after all the rubbish they have written about us.

I think the media's treatment of NUFC has been a joke and what Kinnear said needed saying, however for someone who thinks journalists are ****, he doesn't half talk to them a lot !

A master stroke in getting the journos off his back when he needed to win friends and influence people at SJP.  It showed the fans he was very much on control.

The press are the press - they thrive on pulling people down and even when they succeed, the press try to claim it's because of them. No one can win with them and it's about time someone said something.

That got him off on the right footing with the fans - there is a clear anti-Toon agenda with most of the nationals which was unrelenting - you can witness the slimy, pompous attitude of scribes like Bird on the audio of the infanmous outburst - Joe marked their card and it was great.

Has to back it up though........Brian Clough or Bill Shankly he's NOT

About time somebody stood up for NUFC. It seems to be open season on Newcastle with journalists, some of whom write blatantly inaccurate and downright lies about the club.

The press bated him beyond belief, they got back what they deserved and in doing so, he gained the respect of the players.

It was about time someone said what he did. No one else was brave/stupid enough to do it though

I agree with Sir Bobby on this. Embarrassing.

Without doubt. How many stories were, and in the past, absolute nonesense and turned out to be without any foundation whatsoever? The majority. Kinnear pointed this out in no uncertain terms. How dare he? Who do the press think they are? Well done Joe.

It took a lot of pressure off the players and showed he has a bit of character (although it was unnecessary) but showed those that didnt know him that he is no pushover

I often think the press are unfair in their treatment of Newcastle United so this is an emphatic yes from me.

Too a certain extent he was right, as the Papers do talk lots of rubbish about the club, but he went about it in the wrong way.

Sure, the press got what they deserved.

He may have had valid points but his mode of expressing them simply gave the media more ammunition. The most effective form of attack is the quiet, but steely one.

Yes, tabloid journalists deliberately fabricate stories thinking they can get away with it and they need to be told every now and then.

If only because they seemed to have backed off since.

It was a bit embarrassing although it was no big deal at the same time. It was quite funny as well.

He got a shock at the vitriol aimed at him and took it personally. We are used to it and know it was aimed at NUFC not at Joe personally.

About time someone spoke up too long have the prress been allowed to print what they want regardless of the damage it causes.

Just what was needed. Well done Joe.

Before he came into the club all the pressure to perform was firmly with the players. In one 'foul' swoop he managed to turn all the media attention onto him.

But it showed a lack of class. SBR would have dealt with them differently.

It must have been really hard for him coz everyone laughed their heads off when it was revealed that he was our new manager and it was constant abuse from the very beginning.  He should have took it and let the performance on the pitch do the talking, but when it is so personal, I can't really blame him!

In an objective sense I don't think it is possible to justify the outburst.  That said at the time it may inadvertently done some good in that he came across as someone who cared and I suspect that endeared him to the supporters and the players.

I only say yes because he was badly treated before he was given a chance to do or say anything to prove his credentials or otherwise although I don't think he did himself any favours with his choice of language.

Yes. Took all the pressure of the players, and gained empathy with the fans at the same time. And definitely pre-meditated, Kinnear isn't stupid.

about time the press were stopped from making too many stories up

The southern press just love to knock the TOON and again I'm grateful that JK told them where to go.  In reality he knows that at times he has to talk to them but at least he's in a position to be able to tell them how he really feels.

London press have always liked to pick a bad story about northern clubs, us and Leeds in particular. Like to write bad copy about the club as an institution (could'nt call it an organisation as you have to be organised) and felt they were siding more towards Ashley, Wise etc.


OK but without the overuse of expletives

After what they printed about him, yes

However his swearing set a poor example and lowered the clubs reputation further.

No, but in hindsight it did deflect attention away from the players, which was maybe the desired affect.

I was a regular attender at ALL our matches for over 40 years before I moved to Australia in 2006. I log onto various UK newspapers on a regular basis, and am constantly disgusted with the anti NUFC articles. They do not understand the importance of our club to our city.

Sections of The National Press hate Newcastle United and I am so pleased that Joe Kinnear let them know in no uncertain terms what he felt were lies and spin which are placed against the fans and Tyneside

As I live overseas I did not see it so cannot comment, but probably yes

It created a mood among both fans and players - some have called it the "siege mentality", but whatever its aim, it has succeeded. The so -called "London press" was looking for every opportunity to ridicule the club, the people and the city. Joe pulled the plug on that, albeit at some cost to himself.  Well done Joe!

the press has had it in for NUFC for some time with all their lies and sniping. I don't think itwas a personal attack on Kinnear as much as on NUFC and Newcastle in general.

very much so they seem to think they can say what they like true or false

But not in the manner he did it.

It took the heat off the players onto him like good managers do.

he was entitled to at least speak to the press before they printed anything about him

I think he knew exactly what he was doing

I feel that the press were out of order.

If there are differences of opinions it should be sorted out privately and not in public

We may all think the same about the press at times, but for goodness sake there is a time and place for such comments.

The anti-Newcastle national press has been needing that for a while.

Yes. The press have vilified our club and they, together with Keegan, Ashley and co. were culpable in making NUFC the laughing stock it became in September. The players read the press too and I believe the drop in confidence that was immediately obvious amongst them was in a large part attributable to the coverage. Well done Joe. Note how most press coverage has been positive since.

After the way Newcastle have been portrayed in the national press for as long as I can remember I would have been happy if Joe had roasted them like that all day!  nothing short of tears of pain from the southern hacks would have been well deserved.  On another note, did anyone notice how the attention of the press has now been deflected away from the club and the players entirely and focussed on JK instead?  fortunate coincidence......or brilliant masterstroke?!

To a certain extent yes but I am sure he could have got his piont across without all the swearing

Its been along time coming that, the press in this country are an absolute disgrace, and i havent bought a tabloid for over 10 years, on principle, why pay for lies, when you can read your local paper ?

Probably yes.  As I understand it (and I could be wrong here) it was supposed to be an off the record meeting.  If that's true, then I think they were fair game.  If it was more calculated, well, frankly, good on him anyway.


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