Survey comments - Q2: Was Kinnear's talk of Keegan and Shearer coming in a PR stunt?

Alan Shearer is not stupid. He will not go anywhere near NUFC until the ownership/financial debacle is resolved.

Alan Shearer is not stupid. He will not go anywhere near NUFC until the ownership/financial debacle is resolved.


it was a joke, not worthy of any further comment.

Can't see that happening, it's an ego thing i think.

No, I think he was saying what was on his mind. And it's certainly possible.

I havent found Joe to say anyting as of yet that I have reason to disbelive

Kinnear has often been used as a mouth piece and come out with some cringeworthy stuff

It has got to the stage where it is impossible to belive anything until it happens.

I say no only in the hope is wasn't a PR stunt

Joe is in the hot seat at the moment and he is letting everyone know he wants the job and if a Toon legend should want to come to the club then it would have to be under him.

I think other people have forced this into the media. I also think that Joe is his own man.

I believed he was as in the dark as the rest of the NUFC 'valued customers' and has been fed rubbish from day 1.

It deflected a bit away from Him Wise & the owner

Yes yet another attempt to appease the fans however the idea has enormous merit and I for one would support such a move.

Appearance is of currying favour with the supporters but he may also be genuine in offering Shearer a chance to learn from the inside.

keegan and shearer wont work together but nice idea

shearer has always used his agent or mates to set stories around. In this particular case it was rob lee.

JFK comes across as the PR department of Ashley and on 30k a game, so would i!!!

Yes, everybody whants the crowd on your side

"Hire me or I'm off after the Chelsea game"

Hmmmm. Sense that this is the case!

At that early stage he should have kept quiet untill he actually knew the truth.

It is highly unlikely that the club would confide in an interim appointee this type of information.

I don't think its his job to do PR stunts. I'd imagine thats just what he was told.

J.K. is Ashley's PR man, in an underhand type of way.

the club is full of pr stunts which always back fire

Joe doesn't know anything what's going on behind the curtains.

Shearer would do better on his own

I think Kinnear said what he thought people wanted to hear but I don't think he was prompted to say it.

Joe was given the same information everyone else was.

Absolutely. Why is our only source of club news Kinnear. He's either an idiot or being made to look like one!

Joe is becoming a PR man for the Ashley tribe

He was just trying to get the fans on side

To keep the fans happy

I think joe really thought this was the case.

He obviously feels the threat of these two former stars who have huge respect from the Newcastle community.

There was no evidence to back up Kinnear's claim. In fact Shearer had consistently denied any interest in a more active role at Newcastle.

He was just reflecting the popular feeling

I think he has said what ashley told him  think he was very immature to believe it

Shearer has always denied he is interested in the job, his status in the area means he is inevitably linked whether he shows interest or not.

Sadly Kinnear seems to be being used as a PR puppet.

He was just saying what the popular opinion is

I think part of his role when hired by Ashley was to perform some PR

its true like the messiah will return

He's deluded and is just trying to curry favour with the supremely deluded fans.

they wouldn`t touch it with a bargepole

Yes, there seems to be a lot of these cropping up in the last few weeks, think it's Ashley trying to convince fans that the club will soon be sold to take the heat off him.

Total liar

we all agree kinnear is better than Keegan

Shearer will not come in while the club is not already doing well

Just waffle to keep the fans off Ashley's back

Ever since he came Joe Kinnear has been involved in PR stunts on behalf of Ashley. This comment was to give him some time and an attempt to get the fans onside. Simply the mouthpiece for Ashley.

A Keegan team never fought the way a kinnear team does we do not look as much of an east touch the way we used to.

I do not want keegan back, it's his fault we are in the position. He is a grown man and should have worked hard! why walk out !!!

trying to say what he knows the fans want to win brownie points but mags are not stupid

He is not in the loop, it was just ignorance and probably what the fans wanted to hear.

Keegan and Shearer are unlikely to gel.

Probably. Shearer needs to manage a club lower down first. Just because he's Alan Shearer, doesn't mean to say he will be a good manager for NUFC. He would be afforded time though.

Kinnear showed all the signs of having no knowledge of what was going on and was talking simply to have something to say to the media. The only reliable source of information is Keith Harris who, as a representative of a respected company, ensures that what he says is the absolute minimum that needs to be said - his company's reputation depends on it. The rest, whether by the media, Kinnear, 'reliable sources' is pure speculation to create a story and nothing else.

Kinnear has no role in the sale, so he was probably told this. The consortium may have used it as a PR stunt, but Kinnear was unaware.

Shearer is untried at managerial level and Keegan has "walked" too many times to be considered again

he knows no more than anybody else at the club or in the street, we're all in the dark.

i would love to think this is true but anything to do with the takeover needs to be taken with a pinch of salt there have been so many things said that have turned out to be false and its hard not to get your hopes up as a Newcastle fan.

one big con told what to say to try and calm the fans

I believe Kinnear was put up to it by the owner to calm the natives.

Yes, purely to distract fans from the ludicrous nature of his appointment.

not sure on this, maybe but what would he gain?

JK nothing to back this up, and Shearer clearly knew nothing about it.

Joe talks out the back of his hat. Mouth before thought

I think he genuinely believed that would be the case

He's looking for sympathy to stretch this temp. job as long as possible

Shearer still has the sense he was born with.

Just ill chosen comment by JK.

They would never be compatible. One or the other, not both.

He was simply referring to the same stories everyone else had read in the national press

Yes, but who knows what Ashley has said to him!

He had to say something to calm everybody down......

I don't see how he could have had any basis for suggesting what would happen after the sale of the club-it seems the sale is being conducted in some secrecy and despite presss specualation about possible bidders nothing has come from Ashley or Harris to support any of it

This was just someone trying to gain support if they were to launch a takeover of the club.

Joe seems an honest guy but who knows if its not Journalistic interpretation or licence!


Not a PR stunt on Kinnear's part. But he may have been inadvertedly used as Ashley's puppet to that effect.

I think it was borne out of sheer ignorance on JK's side perhaps repeating something he'd heard from Llambias - who seems to be a shady and rather unsavoury character.

Keegan should not have been employed last season. We need a tactician rather than a motivator.

Complete rubbish, spoon fed by Ashley, I am suprised he took it all in!!!

No because one of my relatives work closely with the first team and was told the same thing even before Kinnear arrived

he has taken on the role of mike ashley's mouthpiece, his character assassination of kevin keegan was unforgivable.

Do not believe the Board would discuss any of their thoughts with Joe Kinnear

more lies from the club

has shearer got what it takes ???????

he said that so  the newcastle fans would like him.

Until the new owners are known - talk of anyone coming in must be premature.

You could bring in God but without the quality players it will make no difference who manages NUFC

Anyway, what has Shearer ever done in management to be given responsibility for a Premier Leauge club?

It certainly seems that way, as neither Keegan or Shearer admitted to it being true.

its his style, he's pretty good as blowing up stories, always has been, thats why Wimbledon were successful but football has moved on

Shearer will work with keegan but not under him

Probably but not necessarily from the man himself more likely his employers.

I would think he was only passing on imformation he'd been told and so he was not at fault

He was either saying what was in the press, or what Ashley had suggested to him.

Though it would be great if there was any truth in it!

At the time he made the comment it may have been a possibility

I don't think Big AL and KK could work together  - clash of egos. But I wouldn't mind a combination of Kinnear as general manager and Shearer as "trainee manager" learning from one of the shrewdwst operators in the game.

Chances are Ashley won't sell and will have to stay away from his own ground. What an idiot. Ashley, Wise and co OUT!

I am sure he believed it.

Typical Mike Ashleyish trying to get the supporters back in his bars shops and on the terraces after all he's only losing 250k each home game

Undoubtedly..... the way things are why would they want to come back. I genuinely believe too much water has gone on under the bridge for Kevin Keegan to return.

I think he'd probably like to see that happen, but I highly doubt it will. While I do think there's a chance Keegan could return under the right terms - i.e. that he's actually allowed to manage - and a new owner, Shearer sees the job as a poisoned chalice and wouldn't accept under any terms.

I think Joe, as a lot of people on Tyneside regard Keegan and Shearer as the dream ticket to really make United into the great team that they have threatened to be but over the years but have never achieved Bill Fish

Shearer professed no knowledge of it must have been

If he can keep the fans happy why not tell a few porky pies.

No proof.  Nuff said.

Shearer has repeatedly stated he has no desire at this time for the role. The statement was designed to somehow placate the fans, initially incensed by the appointment of Kinnear.

No-one could do a double act with Shearer.  First sign of bad results and Shearer would start undermining them to get the job to himself.

Ashley will have instructed him to in order to get us back into his shops and bars etc.

Doubtful if Keegan will come back, and Shearer needs to finish his badges and gain experience elsewhere first.

Not his position or job to say this and the club should be ashamed of themselves for not being more open with the media and fans about all aspects of the developments at the club instead of Kinnear coming out with all this stuff.

I think to appease the fans

He was giving his view, inaccurate though it may have been.

I don't care what stunts MA is pulling, as long as the team keeps winning.

Have said in other forums that Keegan phase 2 was a bad move - he'd had his moment. Shearer would only work if there was an experienced person at his side. Trouble is if you have the ego to front a football club [and most top coaches are or become the public face of the club] then two people with big personalities may be a source of friction. The ideal combination would be somethign like Clough & Taylor but combinations like Shearer-KK, Shearer-Kinnear, Shearer- anyone else won't work.

I suspect Joe was just saying what could happen as he'd been told it or read it so many times. At that stage Joe did not know the club and probably knows neither Alan Shearer or Kevin. If he did, he would realise that this is a sort of Geordie fantasy rather than being based on any facts. Would Kevin choose to work with a potential successor. I'd love to think so but KK likes to the main man and so I think not. Would Alan work as a number 2. Again I'd like to think so but he'd possibly choose to work with someone not quite as unpredictable as KK. Having said that, like everyone else round these parts, I love KK.

Possibly, but think Joe talks too much, he should get on with what he was employed to do.

From the moment Joe was appointed its clear that he's had a part time job as Mike Ashley's PR man. I don't blame Joe, but I don't believe a word of it.

I think he really believed it at that particular point in time, ask him now and I would imagine his response would be quite different.

I think a lot of Joe's comments regarding the club's sale were straight out of Ashley/Wise's hymn book, his comments regarding Keen being at fault for the bust up were a disgrace and under reported in my opinion.

Obviously telling the fans what he thought they wanted to hear, he talks too much though.

I think he was only repeating what he had been told or heard in the press. Doubt there was any intentional deception involved.

To be honest I don't know though I suspect that JK was fed dubious information

I think he thought it was what the fans wanted to hear at the time.

I think it was a stunt to deflect pressure from both the troubles on and off the pitch

Kinnear thinking out loud.

The words of Mike Ashley - probably believing that it would appease us and that we'd fall for it. How much of a mug do they take us for?

He was probably told that by MA and JK probably believed it was true

He shoots from the hip which is refreshing - was probably just spinning some gossip which he seems to do.


dont want either to return as manager, shearer would have the same effect keegans had and anyone who dare fall foul of the untouchables, (in the eyes of many fans) would end up with another ashley situation.

If that was going to happen it would have happened when Keegan returned last January.

I think it was his way of calming the waters.

Transparently so.

well shearer is a legend on tyneside and kinnear has that special belief in every player we have

I think it was just his opinion with little or no substance behind it.

I think he is being made a fool of by being told to say things in relation of the sale of the club to try and take the heat of Mike Ashley. He is clearly being lied to about what is going on.

It didn't happen the first time, so why would it happen now??

It took the pressure off Ashley and Kinnear which gave the fans false hope in my opinion.  Ashley is all smoke and mirrors.

It appears that the hierarchy are feeding information to Kinnear to appease the supporters.  The more he talks, the less convincing he becomes.  A contrast to Keegan who it seemed was gagged.

It's obvious to me he was being fed lines by Ashley and co.

He seems to have taken the Kings shilling with his talk at the weekend criticising Keegan. He is obviously after the job full time and has joined Dennis's little gang.

He said a lot of things which are intended to distract attention away from the players which is no bad thing.

yes as i'm not sure they could work together it could be a case of egos clashing,that does not mean i would not like it to work, because i'd like it to work

This was obviously done to try and keep the supporters quiet while he got his feet under the table, but it could and still could back fire on him.

Shearer has made it clear it won't happen yet but hasn't ruled it out in the future. Keegan could return depending on who takes over the club.

Just seems like a straight talking bloke.

JK is a decent man doing a decent job. His individual work with Ameobi and Taylor shows he knows what is required at this level he has identified Taylor as a defensive weak link and is coaching him accordingly.  Its a pity some of the journalists at your paper havent spotted this fact. Taylor makes it difficult for Coliccini because he wanders out of position fatally too often. He is a central defender and should remain there and not try and be the hero at every occasion. He is too often quoted in the local press and needs to concentrate on his game. He is also too heavy and needs to do more aerobic training as his bulk has made him slow and vulnerable to pace.

He knows that is what the Geordie public want to hear! There can't be any truth in it!

I think this was probably fed to Joe and he said it in good faith.  I think he should be careful not to act as as a spokesperson for the board (for example his recent asserion that KK was in the wrong, this may have been the case but the fact is Joe does not know).

I just wish everybody would forget Keegan, there are quite a few supporters who need to get over him and themselves. Hopefully he's gone forever, let's move on. Shearer isn't interested at least not yet and I don't blame him.

it is viable & could happen

For all JK appears to have steadied the ship his continued comments since his arrival have changed almost daily re selling the club etc which indicates that he's either Ashleys stooge or hasnt got a clue whats happening. I would like to believe the latter. I will say however that if JK stays and the TOON avoids relegation we should all be eternally grateful.

Truth is the first casualty of war and the war of words between the club and Keegan could go on with little skirmishes here and there. We have never heard anything from Kevin Keegan since he left - why ? - and Kinnear is Ashley's spokesman, carefully dropping in tit bits of information every now and again,.

sooner this happens the better

Keegan professes to love the Toon and yet thinks nothing of walking away for reasons of minor importance, his ego means that he is not to be trusted.

Who knows perhaps the players will want to keep Kinnear

It was what the fans wanted to hear.

Shearer denied it almost immediately.

I would be VERY unhappy at AS being brought in a first team coach. He would galvanise the squad and fans in the first instance. But he is inexperienced in football management.He must prove himself first.

Totally just to try and get the fans onside.  Ashley had him well briefed on that.

I think he was just speculating based on vague information he'd received.  He obviously didn't realise that Keegan & Shearer will not be working together.

Hard to say really. Depends perhaps on what he had been told my the owner,or the MD?  Joe is aparently inclined to talk a little wildly at times. Did he mean it or was he rambling?

Not by him but probably by the people who gave him that information. I don't think Keegan and Shearer would happen. We have to move on from Keegan, even as good as he was for us.

would not want keegan back

Cant see the two working together. Both big egos

Shearer is his own man and as such will want complete control like any manager

one or the other but i dont believe they would now work together

Only echoing what everyone else is saying....canoot see it both would want the final say.

Keegan is probably no longer interested,and Shearer is unproven as a manager.

It was meant to soften the appoint of Joe Kinnear, good ploy?

I think he must've believed this and he was honest

I believe JK was just saying what he thought was the truth.

I think he speaks as he finds and that he believed this to be the case at the time he said it.

I think Joe seems a fairly straight guy and tends to say what he genuinely thinks and believes.

Kevin Keegan should and must never manage Newcastle United again. Though I agree with his principles over transfer issues, his decision to walk out reflects the selfishness and thoughtlessness of the man himself - dumping the players in the dung heap is no way to show his respect for the players and the team.

I believe at the time he felt that was the most likely outcome-after all he was told he would be a temp manager which is tough to take.

Absolutley and his recent comments seem to confirm that he states that there was more to the Keegan resignation than meets the eye but he is bound to say that if he wants to ease Ashley back in and secure himself the job on a more permanent basis.I strongly believe that Lambias was among others the wrong appointment no experience whatsoever of running a football club only a casino what on earth is Ashley thinking about?

I believe he gave an honest guess as to what might happen.  It never sounded like anything more than his opinion rather than fact.


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