Survey comments - Q1: Has Kinnear done enough to be kept on?

Who else would take the job!

Who else would take the job!


To change now could be a disaster, the players are behind him, thats important

If we are not selt then he will stay

He is not the long term answer but he has brought some steadiness to NUFC

All depends on whether Ashley is going.

It is acknowledged that NUFC have too small a squad. JK and every manager preceding him has reiterated this fact. There will always be a problem in attracting top drawer players to Newcastle who fixate on London and Manchester as the only destinations worthy of their talent.

Joe has done very well

Joe Kinnear from a team point of view has done a reasonable job but his statements re the sale of the club, players who would definetly come in the transfer window but suddenly now less than a week later won't makes him a bit of a joke let's be honest he is another Ashley puppet to join Wise,Llambas etc we need a totally new management structure though unfortunately this won't happen till club is sold.

Until the end of the season, yes. Longer than that, too early to tell.

He is only doing a PR stunt for Mike Ashley. All I have heard is how MA wishes how he could be at the match! etc etc etc.

Joe has done a good job under the very difficult circumstances of NUFC

Stability is needed but new owners need to have their man in charge

Would provide some much needed stability

We are going into division one the way things are at St james Park...

It would seem that there will be no alternative.

I think he is doing a steady the ship job especially when no one else wanted the job

Joe has to stay until the end of the season. He will get the best out of the players we have and will have come january.

It is still possibily a little bit early but on latest results  without any new signings, then i think it would be fair to say " Joe has done a very good job"

But we should ALL support whoever is the manager. Nothing against JK just don't think he is the right man for the job.

No good having another manger until next season

He's got the club together, fighting as a team.

Should be kept on for this season then start again next season with a new man getting a full pre season and at leat 3 years. Promoting caretaker managers full time has never worked at newcastle and its been proven.

He's got points when we probably should'nt have got them (Chelsea, Everton away) but really lost points which I feel we should have comfortabley won, (Wigan, Man City home, Fulham & the rotten men away

When Joe Kinnear was apointed I was amazed to say the least and not at all happy. However tghe guy has come in and done amore than reasonable job in the circumstances. His tirade against the gutter press ( nothing to do with the journal ) was a joy to behold and woth gettting the jog for that reason alone. Apart  from anything else this club needs stabilitty and I would go further than offer him the job to the end of the season by bringing in a top class coach to work alongside Joe.

The team are poor he is a second rate manager

New owners, if they arrive, may have their own ideas. He has had a mixed bag of results and at times has fielded teams that appear to have little idea what is needed to win or indeed survive in the EPL. If he lasts till all/ most of the squad is fit we should get a better idea of his managerial skills.

Still a very real relegation threat need to pick up points and get some kind of consistency

No one could have done any better trying to get us out of the mess we;re in.

Just two wins is not enough. Too indecisive for my liking. Shouldn't have lost at fulham, should have stuffed wigan.

The honey moon is truly over. Where was the battling the last two matches,  I have supported my team for58 years and to be honest we have seen some bad managers and allthough not the worst he hasnt made our football look any better

Tactically inept

I believe that JFK can, with 2-3 decent battling loan signings, keep the club up this season.  It would give us some sense of stability.  Until we get the ownership resolved, there will be   no chance of long term planning - and who in their right mind would come to work for Ashley.  Can't see a Sale going through until the new year.

Kinnear is an average out of work manager who seeminly had no interest in football after his last job. Now he sees himself as the Manager of NUFC. The man is a joke, and so is his style of football. He also states he wants to spend £20m where was that when KK needed and will Denise the mence Wise agree with the players he wants; if not will JFK walk !!! I doubt it

Joe is certainly a surprise act. He should be on the TC series "Life on Mars". He is a 70s man through and through. But, so far, too many draws, and some iffy decisions, and Sir Righteous Micheal Owen seems to be too unsettled. He is capable of being our top scorer and a talisman to help us reach a decent league position. Joe is good a upsetting the press, which reminds me of Brian Clough. So far, 6 out of ten on the field, after an appalling set of decisions by Ashley. We are lucky to have Joe cos he is not conventional and doesn't mind a bit of bother. However, there are still many questionmarks.

He's very much steadied a sinking ship. and He should get the job untill the end of the season he's doing a decent job.

Some odd team sheets, some strange tactics.

Kinnear will not contribute to the stability so desparately needed at this crucial time in the history of N.U.F.C.

Performances deteriorate when a caretaker is given the job full time and our performances have been no more than average under JK anyway

The club is in free fall i think we will go down

One of JFKs luck was that his arrival coincided with the return to fitness of jonas, barton, martins and Beye. He therefore found a better team than the one Houghton struggled to work with. He  has been reluctant to remove ameobi and duff from the first eleven, despite the fact that there are far too superior options in terms of delivery and scoring. He seems to lack the required tactical awareness, which would have prevented the loss at fulham, the wigan draw or even the socond half nightmare against west brom. His substitutions are mediocre to say the least and he needs to know that Jonas is by far our most creative force!

Yes but only if a new owner does not come in before the end of the season

Joe's a terrible manager. The results we have gotten under him have been due to the quality in our squad, not Kinnear.

He's a dinosaur, a complete embarrassment.

Performances have not been great (Bar Villa), and the table doesn't lie - however getting rid would throw the club into even greater disarray, so whilst I don't advocate keeping him, he is no long-term answer.

He has managed to motivate a listless set of players into a decent outfit, but tactically he seems out of his depth.

We need to progress and appoint a permanent manager under any regime that owns the club and sack Dennis Wise

He has the support of the players, and we don't need more instability.

It depends on the situation regarding the sale of the club.  It would be stupid changing manager again if we could be sold during the season and a new owner came in wanting his own manager.

Too inconsistant I'm afraid.

What has he done? not exactly in the top 6 are we!!

he is the only one under these circumstances that is willing to do the job

He's done a good job in difficult circumstances. Good to see him speaking his mind and telling it how it is.

Remember the state of the team he took over

never in the game

Out of the game to long and too old

although we have had a few good results ....... he just is not the man for the job

He will always be a stop-gap, regardless of the final results.

he has not won a game with us yet

Competent but uninspiring performances against Fulham and Wigan suggest he isn't the manager to haul NUFC up the table.
At least he has organised the team and stopped them feeling sorry for themselves but there is along way to go yet

he has done what he needed to do and steadied the club but isnt good enough or influential enough to take us to the next level or attract new players

steady but nothing to shout about hope he does better in the comming weeks

If we can't sell, then yes he should stay. But if we do sell then JK is not the long term solution

Yet another change of manager would only add further disruption to the squad as a new man gets to know his staff and squad, enforce his own tactics and stamp his authority on the club. It would be much better to end the uncertainty now by giving Kinnear the job until the end of the season and bringing in a new man at the start of the summer with a full transfer window and pre-season to build on.


We need the stability.

It depends on how the sale goes, if its sold by January hopefully a permanent manager with a bigger reputation will be installed.

he,s doing okay its just that the players he has do not have the ability surely professional footballers should be able to trap a ball ours can,t

He is let down by the lack of comunication at the back.

I would have said yes, but the fact that our prformances suddenly seem to be going nowhere right now leads me to sit on the fence

Good egg/Bad egg.......needs to show some consistency in results and motivation of players

He appeared to have done okay, but sticking with Ameobi and leaving Owen on the bench yesterday was suicide.

joe falls short of what nufc fans want as manager

He will get them relegated, so definitely. He is suitably embarrassing, alienating the national media from a club they once flocked towards.

time to go Joe,whens Kev coming back.

He's got a couple of wins against mid-table clubs and has us looking to hopefully move out of the relegation zone. In our position and with his resources that's all we could ask of him at the moment.

Bring back souness

wor joey has brought the passion back, we needed it like

Kinnear must stay.

guy will certainly get us relegated

Shearer wont touch the job, as wont any half decent manager so I'm afraid were stuck with him.

We would be clear bottom the way things were going

He deserves a chance

shearer to get job when new owner comes in

some of his team selection and substitutions have caused negative comments from the fans ( including me )

Joe Kinnear is a second rate manager. No other club would have considered him we only did because he was available and one of Wise' stooges.

If he can maintain the teams home form we showed against villa then he has certainly addressed one problem we have, confidence at home. I believe that if this form at home is consistent then we will also naturally pick up points away.

doing an outstanding job, but let him manage the team

if the club is bought out i would like to see a new permanant manager that will be given the funds and the time to TRY and make the club a success.

anyone stupid enough to keep using wimbledon as a yardstickfor nufc and is capable of telling football fans ameobi can play at thjs level needs medical help

His contract should remain month-2-month in case a buyer comes along.
Good at boosting morale, tactically and selection-wise the jury's still out

He's done a great jobin restoring confidence but I'm not sure about his tactics and use of subs.

His tactics and team selections are off the planet. The side needs to be a goal down at the break for his words to have any effect and doesn't take into account going a goal down in the second half.
Mr Kinnear, is only a stand in for Mr ashley, & the who structure of manager at NUFC has been brouught into disripite by the office which Mr wise occupies. This is the a situation that is totally Mr ashley's.

He still needs to get the team playing away from home more consistently!

Second rate manager managing a second rate club

The club will be sold and I would expect whoever buys it and, therefore, commits substantial finance to enable the purchase, will have their own ideas on who the manager will be and will almost certainly have had substantial discussions with that person prior to finalising the purchase; that will not be Kinnear.

Don't think he's a good choice for permanent manager

the club has not been sold - there is little alternative - we don't need more upheaval and january transfer targets should be agreed wth Mike Ashley

he is a ranting swearing embarrasment to the toon

joe kinnear is part of the cockney mafia

I am grateful for giving us an experienced temporary lead, but is certainly not the longer term answer. I do have the fear that if the club is not sold, Mr Ashley will try to keep things as they are until the end of the season. I hope I am wrong.

Joe has done better than expected but I would wait until after the Chelsea match and the expected news about new ownership before making my mind up about Newcastle United managership.

Question substitutions, persists with the liability that is Damien Duff. Infamous press conference was yet another embarrassment.

He is not the man to take us forward,ashley must go or put his money wher his mouth is

Another upheavel at this point would be detrimental to all involved. However, he is not the long term answer.

He is doing his best with what must be said a poor set of player with the exception of 3 the rest are not good enough for the Prem.

Purely for stability reasons. It would be even more farciacal than it is now to have four managers in one season

What could any manager do with the bunch they have?

he is a has been

no one else will take the job

what has he done we need a run of wins for me

There is no point in changing manager again this season.  The season is a write off and all Joe has to do is keep the team up.

If I was buying the club I would want my preferred choice of manager.

As long as the future sale is in doubt we must keep Joe in the hot seat!
The football sidewas in complete turmoil until he restored some semblance of confidence and order, unlucky results aside, on the whole he is doing a good job.  Would Arsenal look to replace Arsene Wenger just because they lost to Hull ? I think not !!    Let´s all get behind Joe Kinnear, nobody wanted him but he´s proving capable of doing a job for us.

Definately seems to have improved morale and steadied the ship - still not sure if he's good enough to take the club forward in the long term however.

Any manager who plays Duff(headless chicken) ahead of Ngzobia(quality) needs to be reviewed.

He is doing a lot better than KK did with the same players.

nufc are a joke from top to bottom

This is a difficult position for all sides, Joe has done a reasonable job in terms of results and a great job in getting improved performances out of the players. When JK came into NUFC most fans thought what a joke but we can see he has made a real difference and clearly the players are responding to him. If he stays and we struggle the fans can easily turn, if he's successful then for how long before the usual downturn, if he goes and we get somebody else we're back to square 1, situation normal for NUFC!!!!

Yes but i feel if shearer expressed an interest or mark hughes becomes available then he should be replaced
morale much higher and more orgaised

Actually better tactician than Keegan

He has had an overall beneficial effect on the dressing room which was drifting after the departure of KK.However his tactics are not wholly convincing-for example vs Sunderland he should have tried to play the game tighter by putting 5 across the middle until at least the 2nd half.Also he is slagging the press and Refs too blatantly and in the process is damaging the club image.For example vs Fulham pinning the ref for mising a foul in the build-up to the penalty is simply taking attention away from the fact that Colocinni dumped AJ with a crazy tackle.

He's done OK but we need to find a consitent level of performance.  Our form has been two good games two bad.

he would have been better keeping quite about keegan as to me it made him sound like another lap dog for ashly who seems unable to make a statement of his own.

The performances have improved & the players have certainly shown more effort & commitment.  The over-looking of N'Zogbia is baffling, as was the substitutuion of Jonas on Sunday.

hes just running with what hes got and by all accounts it will be the new owners that decide that. if liar ashley is still here in jan expect TROUBLE.

He has too much to say for himself and shown that he is not a credible long or medium  term option with his erratic behaviour

Test will be in January if he is given any money.

He certainly seems to be getting genuine effort from the players where there was virtually none before. However, the real test is over a much longer term and he may never get the chance to prove himself one way or the other.

JFK was brought in because no one was going to come in who had a reputation to put at risk, JK has nothing to lose but our Premier status but he will be gone long before we drop.

No consistency and no experience to change anything.

He is grossly inadequate

Predictable long ball rubbish with terrible substitutions

If he is to stay, then that means something has gone wrong, this was all meant to be temporary, yet another farce.
But the effort the team is putting in seems much better, most of them actually look like they want to play for the club not for the money, however during matches we only seem to have one good half.

he does seem to have raised player morale,but i would question his team selection,tactics & 'too little,too late' substitutions. he was found wanting in these three crucial areas against sunderland & fulham, & being unable to respond quickly to adversity is not a luxury given in the premier league.

He is a good motivator which must have helped team spirit when it was at a low point, unsuire about his tactics and will he attract the sort of players Newcastle need in January - dislike his rantings to the press.
been out of game to long

why did harry redknap turn down newcastle then go to spurs ??????

we are a laughing stock with him as manager

The fact that nobody wanted to take the job except Joe suggests he was keen & is now having a go,despite not giving N'Zogbia a go.

The guy just does not measure up

If he is still here at Xmas the January transfer window will be the make or break

Joe's got to show some real leadership and change up the midfield (get rid of Butt) and play Danny Guthrie a lot more. Joe Kinnear might be the best we can get right now.

He is only supposed to be an interim manager and here to give a bit of order until the club is sold and another manager is found or hopefully Kevin Keegan will come back.

I cannot work him out at all, for someone that was not going to speak to the press after his outburst he is doing an awful lot of talking, and a lot of what he says appears to have no substance i.e .what's so important about 'after the Chelsea game' and his 'wait and see comments' about Kevan Keegan

NUFC wont sell in this climate not for the asking price anyway even at a long way short of asking price, so as I see it Joe Kinnear should be given an 18-month contract with a lucrative bonus for keeping NUFC up this season and next season, that will take the club up till summer of 2010.Assuming the club does not sell 2009 then between now and 2010 Mr Ashley would be advised to get the club in order and by that I mane, make his piece with the fans that will stabilize the club, set about a revaluation on just how to move forward assuming no-sale.After 6months if fans and owner are still together then NUFC identify a vastly experienced manager that will be free of contract summer 2010 and start to negotiate with his agent to mitigate a contract of employment acceptable to both parties. A manager that has been proven to be consistence in the top fight competitions is only the type of manager NUFC should accept after Joe Kinnear.Joe has a real possibility to manage NUFC for the next 18 months and use it as a platform to argue the case that he should have his contract extended.Put the likelihood is that the managers job will be filled by a world cup manager finishing know less that than in the top eight.
Installed confidence, starting to pick up points and move up the table

He'll be kept on as long as Ashley's the owner in the short term, be that tomorrow or a season or two. At least until he does really badly.

This man is linked too closely to Ashley and Wise and regardless of whatever he achieves he should not be given the job by the new owners.

Joe has done fantastic job in turning around the fortunes of the team, however this season will be more of roller coaster ride for many teams than ever before to stay in Premiership.

I think he should be contracted until the end of the season to hopefully prevent him leaving of choice.

He has got the players playing to their potential and has steadied the ship

He has done fine so far,better than we could reasonably have expected. The players seem to be playing for him and team spirit is good. BUT a new owner is the priority and so the question mark must remain over JK's future.
Any new owner should interview all available options including Kinnear and KK if interested.
Steadied the ship. safe pair of hands. Plenty of experience.

He has done OK by kicking some big egos he has them playing with spirit at last tomorrow at Fulham is a big test

so far, so good. He has certainly steadied what certainly looked to be a fast sinking ship but it is still early days and we are not out of danger yet.

He should be kept on permanently. He has passion and drive, and he talks a language that players like Joey Barton can understand and respond to.

he has lifted team spirt

we need stability

he seems to be giving the back four a bit of stability which is long over due. Just wish he could teach Given how to throw the ball and retain possession instead of kicking all the time and losing 60%

Doing a great Job but there is still a long way to go, hope he keeps it up

Joe Kinnear has given the United players a belief in themselves and making them fight for each other on the field of play as displayed against Aston Villa when they could easily have folded up in the first half. Joe deserves to remain as Manager at least until the end of the season to maintain stability in the team and with the loyals upporters behind them we could climb up the league table quite rapidly,I nwish Joe ant the lads every success Bill Fish

seems ok. got a hard job

No doubt that JK has steadied the ship and probably done as well as KK would have. However, if there is a buyer for our Club, surely it would be up to them. Other than that, Joe is good value to remain.

Considering the turmoil the club was in, Joe has done as much as anyone could do. Its not about tactics its all about getting a team working together in one direction.

Joe has done great so far since coming and steadying the ship. However, it's still early days and only 6pints seperate 7th to 20th. There's a lot more that could happen and what happens in regards to the club being taken over and transfers in jan could be paramount.

Let's face it, he haven't seen what Mike Ashley could do.

If only because any further managerial change would be unthinkable, now the team is showing signs of having settled.

He's done everything required of him, but I wouldn't want him as anything more than a short-term manager.  Despite the style Newcastle have been trying to play with (eg. 1st half against West Brom), I think in the long-term he'd still want his team to play football that's too direct for the crowd at St. James'.

still too early to tell, its not like we have played hard games, in terms of top 4 under joe

He's never had the luxury of top class players in former clubs, and look what he can do.

Although Joe Kinnear's done well so far, he has not had to face any major challanges so far.

So far so good, he has got them organised and fighting if it continues until Jan then yes keep him

just to keep continunity another face coming in halfway through a season could upset the applecart.

Kinnear is doing well but he is not good enough to be apermanent appointment.  The fans shouting for him to be appointed should look what happened the last time we went for the easy option......Glenn Roeder!!!

its ok for now we need a good backroom staf with a manager with full backing from board

You have to admire the bloke for giving it a shot given the circumstances.

The man has the passion and the drive we want...I love the fact he says what he thinks and tells it how it is!!

The team have got two good results but there were shaky patches to both games. If the team can take the confidence from the wins and push on to score a healthy number of points through November, I'd say yes JK can stay on. Would be concerned though about how effective he would be in the transfer market and the uncertainty surrounding Dennis Wise's involvement.

He has got the team working together again, and the football against Villa was not bad. The YES is because we don't need another manager, three in one season is too much, even for NUFC.

Good man-management, sometimes questionable tactics.

If he had to fair enough but he is not the answer    I would be worried if he spent any money, he claimed in an interview to still have a good scouting network from his wimbledon days, oh dear

glenn roeder got the job off the back of a good run and look at his record the following season.

it's a case of so far, so good. From where we were any improvement would have been good. He's certainly instilled something in the players for the better. He's no fool and under him Wimbledon were by all standards a success. Realistically given the recent [5 years or so] history we'd be struggling to attract a known experienced coach or anyone who's involved in football unless they've been deaf & blind for a while

how can someone who has been out of football for 4 yrs(KK apart) be the man to manage NUFC.

he's galvanized the squad

The results speak for themselves as do the performances of Shola. We have a small squad which includes some very good players and Joe has obviously benefited from the return of Barton, Jonas G and Habib Beye. But they are playing well together, they are battling for results and while Shola will never be a big scorer, he is playing like a hero. No previous manager has got this much out of him.

Joe seems to have won the respect of the players, and I don't think a mid-season change is in the team's interests.
Not happy with Joe getting involved in the politics of NUFC, don't think he has the right to start saying 'all will be revealed' and stating that there was more to the situation than has been revealed, ie slants against Kevin.

We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in sentiment like we did with Glen Roeder. In football you have to be ruthless to succeed, and Joe, for all he's done well, wouldn't get a job at any other Premiership club. We should thank him for his service and then set about appointing the best man for the job.

While he appears to have United the dressing room and has done a wonderful job so far, I think he'd be the first to agree that things change quickly in football. I would, personally, like him to be given a permanent contract but lets see how we are after 10 or 20 games in charge

He was brought in as interim manager, period.

Joe has steadied the ship but some questions remain regarding poor team selections most notably Sunderland away.

He's only worth having until a new owner is brought in, he's part and parcel of Ashley's henchmen and a mouthpiece for him too.

We don't need another managerial upheaval this season. Give him until the end of the year and then find a permanent manager over the summer.

Mistakes in the Sunderland game, but overall he has done very well, just look at the results and how we're playing. He deserves this chance
a few more games ans we shall see

Why not, good results, player support if we are not getting relegated why not give him teh chance he took a gamble on us in the first place.

Only one loss since he has taken over. 2 hard fought draws followed by 2 wins, with an evident increase in team confidence.
I think it would be worth keeping him on, to see how he does, but you never know with this club

Yes but I still don't want him to stay untill the end of the season as long as the club gets sold.

he`s the best

At last someone about the Toon that isn't crying in self pity. Joe got the sleaves rolled up and got stuck in, and at last so are the players. Don't under estimate Houghton as a coach.

he is doing well so far

Decent start but not sure if he could handle the rest of the season.

So far so good, but a long way to go

Too early to say either way. A good job in steadying the ship when we were in a complete mess. If he continues to enjoy success, I see no reason to get rid. I'm fed up with people using phrases like "to the next level" when referring to a new manager. We're nowhere near there yet.

He may have got the team fighting, but what he gains there, he loses by quite evidently being the mouthpiece for Mike Ashley. We don't want to hear what is happening to our club from an 'Interim' Manager. Why can't the board speak out?

keegan back

He's got us out the bottom and with the sale taking FOREVER he probably will end up staying

unless there is any outstanding candidates come forward

He has got us out of the bottom 3 and a win at fulham will have us looking to europe.

a very steadying influence,we are much improved under Joe.

No confidence in the longevity of Kinnear

I have said yes purely to give the squad some stability, any managerial change should be done and take place as early as possible after the last game of the season, changing manger again before the end of the season would be a waste, regardless of if/when the new owners take over

End of season yes, further no, not yet.

JFK has done nothing wrong so far. In fact he has galvanised a team that up until his arrival was looking lost, without hope or direction. He has brought much needed organisation to the squad,

He had the guts to take the job on where others feared to tread.

He has done very well so far but it would be best to keep him on a rolling contract as long as possible

A few good games, but we've also had our rubbish moments.

I wish him luck while he's here but I hope he's replaced by a better manager asap. He's a relic.

The press/media frenzy around the club has slowed dramatically. Would results have improved anyway? Things are so tight; a loss and other results going against us can see us slide back down table. Look at how Harry Redknapp was hailed with Spurs' results, where are they, bottom. If Kinnear can get a couple of away wins on the board, keeping him on has to be a consideration. Will the 'new people' want him? Will he want to stay? Maybe he will walk away, if he keeps getting results and his contract is only renewed on a monthly basis he may well say 'stuff it'

He's done a great job, the team is playing well, with confidence and he has got some great results (except the Derby) and should definately be kept on... WHo else would be doing as good a job and the fans are already behind him

hes done amazingly well but its to early for me to say if he deserves the job

The right man for NUFC in these circumstances

He has done a decent job but depending on who buys the club and when I don't think you can justify keeping him for longer than is needed.

The team are starting to play well and we could do without anymore disruptions this season. I doubt the club will be sold anytime soon.

Way too early to say but we are heading in the right direction.............that is until we get beat again:-)

If a New Owner is found then hopefully we will not settle for mid table.   Kinnear is a mediocre manager at best, not of the standard or quality I would expect to challenge the likes of Wenger Ferguson or Big Phil Scolari!

He has not done enough, but I don't think changing the manager again would benefit the players.

I would like to see Kinnear replaced with a promising full time manager when we are bought out. Deschamps springs to mind...

The team now look inspired, especially Shola.  Joe is doing a great job.

Do not want Kinnear as the permanent manager as I fear that it would be the Roeder situation all over again.  Good short term impact but gradually losing credibility as time goes on.

He's done well so far but I would worry about a slump were he to be given the job on a more permanent basis (a la Roeder).

His comments about letting 3 or 4 go to Spain and bringing in 2 from the championship has relegation written all over it.

any manager needs time to build his squad

Interim managers dont always make good permanent ones, they are in a no lose situation.

too early to say, any new manager usually gets an upturn in results, remains to be seen if upturn carries on

He's still in the honeymoon period - remember Glenn Roeder!

He puts the team under pressure when taking off Martins and trying to defend too deeply.

Apart from the maccums defeat, he's done ok. The proof will be if he's allowed to spend in the January window and who he brings in.

Yes, till the end of the season.

He's doing a good job and to bring another manager in before the end of the season would only exsaperate the problems at the club.

I think he has done excellent considering the position he took over at, however, I think it still to early to give him a permanent position.

Unfortunately his position is linked to the ownership issue.  You cannot expect a new owner not to want to put his own man in place.  I do not think that Joe Kinnear could not have done any better in the circumstances and whatever the outcome NUFC and the fans have reason to be grateful to him.

He has done a good job so far but the team was so lacking in leadership that most half decent managers would have done a reasonable job. But he has to be considered for the longer term.

A bit of continuity will not harm the players. Would give the new owners time to make a long term decision on the management team/structure.

give the bloke a bit more time

If  the TOON get 7 points out of the next 9 then I would prob say yes.

Even if the club is sold then it is more than likely that the new owners will want their man in asap so that they do not inherit someone else's manager and then sack him like Ashley did to Allerdyce

very often a change of manager stimulates players for short while before they retreat back to mediocrety, I have a gut feeling that these players like and respect Joe, his man management skills are A1.

the team was starting to play well under keegan, recent good form down to players returning to squad

He has only had a few games to express his views and install a bit of confidence in the players. Time will tell especially if he has a few injuries to his defence squad


Joe took the job on when knowbody else would touch it and has installed some selfbelief into the players. results & performences are slowley improving under him and he should be rewarded for this with a contract until the end of the season, as the players seem to be responding to him.

yes joe very good manger

He's done ok to steady a very rocky ship, but i dont see him as a long term appointment. It will be interesting to see what happens in the January transfer window.

It would very much depend on his plans to make our squad stronger in January.

He has done a decent job in difficult circumstances but lost to Sunderland.  If a new ownership wanted him in a backroom capacity then no problem but he is part of the Ashley axis

He has done an excellent job of settling the players down, taking their minds off of the off-field antics of Ashley and getting them to believe in their own abilities bothas individuals and as ateam.

JFK has as I expected improved overall on-field defence discipline and protected his central defenders via better positional play from his full-backs.  Agbonlahor / Young threat & therefore Carew shut-out !

Stability is everything and a manager being given at least part of a season would be welcome at this 'revolving door' club!

His attitude of keeping it simple is admirable. He may not be for the long-term but good enough for now.

Wait to see how the away results go

In a difficult time he has done a decent job

His outlook and ideas are dated, hard working with no flare just like wimbledon

There's a long way to go before Joe can be assessed effectively.

I feel that Kinnear is good enough. However,will the fans give him a chance?

is there another/better option?

It would give the club and players some much needed stability, the team is playing as a team with everyone working for each other.

He has now got most of the injured players back (except for the hapless Smith and the plainly injury-prone Vaduka) so let's wait and see.

Kinnear has done a good job so far of settling the players and bringing them together as a team. A run of good results up to christmas and a position of relative safety should steady the ship further and then we can make a more informed judgement as to whether he should stay. So far so good though.

Although it is early days, Joe has the lads playing for the club again, has deflected almost all of the media attention away from the players and is actually playing people in their preferred positions!  I think Joe is cleverer and more astute than a lot of people give hime credit for!  Is he the long term answer though? not entirely sure yet!

He has instilled confidence into the players over a very short time.

brought in the necessary stability as an experienced manager and man-modivator

He never ever praises the fans, it is always about he has done this and done that, but without those magnificent fans he would struggle thankfully they have got behind him and the team

I think alot of people will owe Joe Kinnear an apology when he leaves us, and who ever takes over will reap the benefits and the team will be all the better for the time they have had with Joe.

Happy to admit I called it wrong when I expressed initial disappointment, nay, disgust at his appointment.  Well, respect is earned, and he has certainly earned mine.  More importantly, he seems to have earned the players respect too.  In a time when words are cheap, Kinnear has delivered.  Good on you Joe.


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