Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill wants an earlier deadline

SUNDERLAND manager Martin O'Neill accepts that the transfer window is here to stay.

Sunderland manager Martin O'Neill
Sunderland manager Martin O'Neill

SUNDERLAND manager Martin O'Neill accepts that the transfer window is here to stay. But he wants major changes to the way it operates.

O’Neill has managed a Premier League football club in ten of the 12 years it has been operating, and last week spent £22million to beat the deadline on Adam Johnson and Steven Fletcher.

“I understand why they brought the transfer window in because no one wants a top team to be buying themselves a European Cup-winning team. If one of these big teams gets into the last 16 and then buys five or six players, then you have a problem. But overall, I’m not so sure you would get too many people agreeing with how it is set out.

“I think there’s certainly a major argument for ending the transfer window on the night the season kicks off – or a few days before so people have their squads together.

“I wouldn’t know too many managers who would disagree with me there. It’s a bit of a strange one that you’re going to a game, yet you’re thinking ‘I’ve still got a couple of weeks to make changes’. You start getting concerned then if you haven’t got the players in because, for all the promises you’ve been made, they can disappear so quickly.

“The transfer window is what it is and we’ve got to accept it but, I would say that it should shut the Wednesday night before the season starts. That is it.

“Maybe Uefa’s argument is that all seasons don’t start at the same time. Is there a point there?

“It may well be a decent argument, but it’s certainly strange to me that the season has kicked off, yet here I am trying to make changes while games are going on. It’s very strange.”


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