Carlisle United v Shrewsbury Town preview: Kavanagh would be happy if it is 'boring'

Graham Kavanagh admits Carlisle United can't afford another defeat as his side take on Shrewsbury Town tonight

Graham Kavanagh
Graham Kavanagh

Graham Kavanagh admits he could do with a bit of boring right now.

The Carlisle United manager would give anything to be a mid-table team with little to play for.

As it is, he and his club are fighting for their lives.

It’s interesting. Every game from now on means everything. That grey hair of his is not going to get any darker at this rate.

Saturday’s 4-1 defeat of Notts County, bottom of League One and apparently hopeless, leaves Carlisle in the relegation places for the first time this season, and with nine games to go.

The team a place and position below them, Shrewsbury Town, visit the Cumbrians tonight.

Another loss doesn’t bear thinking about.

Carlisle cannot afford to leave League One. It’s as simple as that.

Kavanagh said: “I could definitely handle a boring end to the season. But we are where we are and need to get out of it.

“I am finding out a lot about myself as a manager, and the players and coaching staff as well.

“It’s actually been a great experience to be at this club. I just hope we can come out of it with something to show.”

The weekend’s performance was one the manager felt would leave a “big mental scar” and the Irishman let his team know what he thought of them.

But that has gone and it’s now all about beating Shrewsbury. Somehow.

Kavanagh said: “It’s vital we win. No other result will do for me.

“We haven’t won in six games and that has to change this week. We haven’t been scoring goals and when you don’t manage that you put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

“When you struggle at one end of the pitch, it makes you vulnerable at the other.

“I honestly believe we had played better than the results would suggest before we went to Notts County.

“But Saturday was awful. I didn’t see that coming. We need to do better for the fans and out club.”

The complexities of the loan system means Kavanagh can still bring in players right up until Thursday, something he is desperate to do.

He said: “I am no further or closer to getting a couple in.

“I’ve made enquiries about two players. There are issues with their clubs so we are just waiting to hear back from them.

“Nothing will happen before Tuesday.

“We have missed a lot of key players who we are struggling to get back.

“That’s not an excuse. It’s a fact.”


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