Alan Pardew: My stadium ban has not been as bad as I expected

On the day it comes to an end, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew believes he has got to grips with his stadium ban

Henry Browne  Newcastle manager Alan Pardew
Newcastle manager Alan Pardew

As he prepares for the final game of his stadium ban, Alan Pardew believes he is coming to terms with life in exile.

The Newcastle United boss will have to watch tonight’s match against Everton from his Darsley Park office. At the weekend he will finally be let back into a football ground, albeit it will be four more games before he can watch from the dugout. Assistant John Carver has been left to run matters from the bench, and Pardew felt the pair worked well together in Saturday’s dramatic 1-0 win over Crystal Palace.

“It was a lot easier mainly because I had done a game already so I was a bit more mentally prepared,” Pardew reflected. “I was in my room here, a comfortable, working environment for me rather than a hotel room.

“I felt a bit more sense of the stadium because I know the stadium and the noises it makes so I was a little more attached and the communication was spot on because we had a landline and there was a clarity in the conversations.

“Sometimes when you are not so emotionally involved in decisions such as the referee’s or an incident in the game – because you can’t be, you are not on the side of the pitch – then you get a different perspective and I actually felt quite assured during the game that we were playing very well with the players we had.

“It is not ideal, not something I will look to do ever again and hopefully I will never end up in this position. I am pleased it is the last game (of my stadium ban). But it has not been as bad as I thought it would be.

“I sat in the stand for a period when I was manager of Reading.

“It is nice to be able to go down to pitchside and make a couple of points that are relevant, knowing you will get a reaction because you are the manager, but that aspect will stay with John for the next five games.”


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