Perfect Image chief executive Andrew Robson says the tipping point in true cloud computer is now upon us - sponsored feature

Cloud computing has grown up and Perfect Image is bringing reliable and secure power to customers, maximising flexibility without adding to overheads - sponsored feature

Kevin Gibson Photography Ltd Andrew Robson, chief executive of Perfect Image
Andrew Robson, chief executive of Perfect Image

Andrew Robson, CEO of Perfect Image, discusses how the IT consultancy is the conduit between cloud and customer, and why the time is right for businesses to consider true cloud solutions.

At Perfect Image, we have waited for the tipping point in true cloud computing and it’s upon us now.

We always knew that the traditional data centre model would stop being the right answer for many organisations, and its erosion started to happen around a year ago, when the true cloud market place and technology began to mature.

We made the conscious decision to bypass the data centre, choosing not to invest in bricks and mortar – it could never be the right solution for all our clients’ needs.

Rather, we waited until the right technology was available in the mainstream market to bring to our customers, and this is where true cloud computing comes in.

Cloud computing has grown up. World-class vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide super-reliable and super-secure computing power to the likes of The Pentagon.

If AWS is good enough and secure enough for the US Department of Defense, now is certainly the right time for any business with an IT need to consider the benefits of true cloud computing.

Unlike the data centre, true cloud provides computing as a service – and as a service-driven business, this really appealed to us. Think of true cloud as you would a utility.

On a cold evening you can turn the heating up; when the warmer weather comes, you can turn the heating down. Your energy use is scalable to meet your needs and you only pay for the amount of gas or electricity you use.

If you’re looking for a truly cost-effective IT solution for your business, true cloud computing is pay as you go, meaning you will only ever be billed for the service and capacity that you use.

There are no long-term commitments, no upfront payments and no hidden costs.

In addition, true cloud computing means you can easily scale up or down your requirement to meet your evolving business needs without having to amend contracts and at extremely short notice, helping you to cope with spikes in business demand, as and when they happen.

This flexibility means you can react to business cycles, seasonality and to new projects – both quickly and without risk – allowing you to maximise your flexibility without adding to your overheads.

At Perfect Image, we take a consultative approach to IT and rather than prescribing off-the-shelf packages, we design and deliver solutions that are fit for purpose and meet a business need. When it comes to cloud, some clients are better suited to what we call a hybrid solution.

This means, essentially, keeping some of the company’s infrastructure in the old-fashioned data centre and moving other areas into true cloud.

A hybrid approach to IT infrastructure can offer you many benefits.

For example, you can continue to use your existing equipment and make the most of your investment in it while extending it with the flexibility and security that a true cloud solution has to offer, all without any upfront capital spend.

In addition, a hybrid approach means you can move into the true cloud environment at the right pace for you and your business, while enjoying all the benefits of AWS.

Of course, making the change to true cloud can be daunting for some, and we understand this.

Some customers feel a data centre gives them a sense of security – being able to physically see the server, the wires and flashing lights reassures them that their IT systems are all present and correct.

Whereas with true cloud, there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to touch and people can sometimes struggle with this abstract idea of “true cloud”.

Ultimately, we are the conduit between the customer and the cloud – regardless of whether a business’s IT systems are in a true cloud environment, or whether a business is dipping its toes into true cloud with a hybrid approach – we are that touch-point for reassurance and a safe pair of hands.

For some, a total true cloud solution may not be right at this point in time, but one thing is for sure, with substantial and sustainable growth in the market, true cloud is certainly the future.

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