Movember Styles


Movember is back and will see thousands of men growing their moustaches to raise awareness of a number of men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Movember had a light-hearted beginning ten years ago with a group of friends from Australia who thought it would be fun to bring back the moustache. The next year the men decided to combine growing facial hair with raising money for charity, and in 2004 a group of 450 Movember supporters amassed £25,000 in donations. The cause is now a global event that raises over £90 million for men’s charities.

The rules are simple. Register as an individual or part of a team and starting with a clean shaven face, grow a moustache throughout the month of November. As well a highlighting men’s health issues and raising a stack of money for charity, Movember is a fantastic opportunity for men to get together in their local communities or make new friends at Movember events near and far.

Movember Tips

Movember has revived our love of the moustache and this year will see an array of fine examples on our streets. There are few rules when growing a moustache but here picks up some top Movember style tips.

Men with bigger, fuller faces should opt for bigger, fuller moustaches. Small thin moustaches looks best on small thin faces.

Moustaches shouldn’t look excessively groomed if that is not part of your overall look.

If you have a crazy hairstyle, avoid overdoing things by keeping your moustache simple.

Top Movember Styles From

The Imperial

For coarser hair types the Imperial spreads across the upper cheeks in a bowed W shape with tapered ends pointing up towards the ears.

The Handlebar

Think Captain Hook! The handlebar is achieved by shaving off the moustache and leaving an area in the middle that is the width of the nose, growing and shaping the hair into inverted c shaped loops on either end.

The Rockstar

Once sported by Jimmy Hendrix, the Rockstar is a big, bold moustache, suitable for fine or thick hair types with the hair grown out across the cheeks.

The Magnum

The magnum is one of the most difficult moustaches to grow. Made famous by Tom Selleck, the chevron shaped Magnum is debonair and uber masculine.

The Horseshoe

A classic horseshoe shaped moustache is the type associated with bikers and has been sported by a number of celebs including Axel Rose and Hulk Hogan.

The Pencil

A fine line of moustache on the upper lip that looks as though it has been drawn in pencil.

The Poirot

A well-groomed moustache, teased into fine, symmetrical points at either end.

The Toothbrush

Commonly associated with Adolf Hitler and 1980’s pop stars, the Toothbrush is a 2-3cm wide strip beneath the nose with vertically trimmed edges.

The Fu Manchu

Not to be confused with the horseshoe, the Fu Manchu is grown downwards past the lips reaching either side of the chin.

The Artist

A sophisticated style made popular by French artists. A thick moustache covering the width of the mouth and rounded slightly at the edges.



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