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Whether you're unemployed and seeking work, changing career or an employer looking for the right candidate, may be the place for you...

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Whatever your employment circumstances, can help

Job searchers and recruiters can now list and find vacancies on Norway's latest online retail site

The newly available job posting system allows companies to post all manner of open positions, including management positions and part-time positions.

Given’s recent and overwhelming success, the exposure of these positions is extraordinary. - a company founded in 2004 but under new ownership since 2012, has experienced rapid growth over the past two years, a fact that the company attributes to the many new directives issued by the new ownership group.

Among those directives was one the company may feel is a bit too modest given their rapid ascent, as the company had set out to simply become one of the leaders of the industry by the close of 2016.

Midway through 2014, the company has already achieved that goal, and there are many who would say that is not just one of the leaders, they are the undisputed leader. say a job facility is important to companies seeking to fill key positions within their company - as it is obviously vital for any company to fill available positions with talented and qualified candidates.

Through recruiters are not only able to reach a wide audience of potential applicants, but also possible a specifically targeted audience as well.

"As every company is already likely aware, it is extremely important to have the so-called 'right people' handling important tasks within a business," said a representative with

"The right person is certainly out there, but it can be incredibly hard for a business to reach out and hire that person.

"Through our platform and our ability to target the ideal candidates, we make it easier for companies and prospective employees to find each other, which is a clear mutual benefit for both parties."

Applicants can quickly and easily sort through the many available jobs and find those that meet their desired specifications, making the job search process that much more streamlined.

Whether it is a company or an applicant, the platform used by is designed to make the job posting or searching process much simpler and more rewarding for all of the parties involved.

"There are few things more frustrating for a company than having to sift through thousands of resumes and cover letters from unqualified candidates, especially when those thousands of applications yield only a handful of true potential candidates," said the representative.

"Similarly, a job seeker may have to spend hours upon hours looking for a job posting that meets their job search requirements."

Clients of have expressed a great deal of positive feedback with regard to the services they have received from the company.

The web platform,, has been hailed by employers and job seekers alike for its ease of use and search functions.


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