Learning Curve Group has ambitions to expand its operations overseas - sponsored feature

Brenda McLeish, chief executive officer of Learning Curve Group, believes upskilling is beneficial and accessible to all, at any time and anywhere  - sponsored feature

www.cameracraft.co.uk Brenda McLeish, Chief Executive of the Learning Curve Group
Brenda McLeish, Learning Curve Group

There’s a whole new world of learning that’s at people’s fingertips – wherever they are.

As with trade, education and training now extend across borders and into nations through the PC and smartphone.

This means there is no reason why a training course, created by experts in one country, cannot benefit learners in another through a bespoke digital online design.

In an age of internet versatility, the aspirations of those living half the world away are found to be astoundingly similar to our own.

People everywhere strive for new qualifications and greater skills in the hope and expectation they will lead to better jobs and better lives.

For many governments, the availability of innovative online distance learning programmes, and platforms on which they are based, meet similar challenges to those of our own.

These programmes, if studied properly and passed, can diversify an economy by creating new skills for the population and they also help tackle youth unemployment – high on many agendas.

For employers and further education institutions, programmes specific to them can fill any gap in their training provision.

As any UK company knows, there is no easy way to break into new overseas markets, and hard work and patience are only part of the answer.

They must also understand a particular country’s needs and have a product powerful and innovative enough to offer something new and deeply appealing.

Learning Curve Group has developed market-leading digital learning content in a vast range of in-demand subject areas and platforms that make this type of learning accessible anytime, anywhere.

Training in employability, basic skills and short courses, which help people learn new technical skills, have extensive appeal. And e-learning, especially if aimed at mobile devices, such as computers and tablets, is also incredibly popular. It is an element of our work which we have invested in and perfected.

In little over a decade, we have brought better skills to hundreds of thousands of people of all ages in the UK. Today we work with 3,500 employers to train their workforces, and with 125 further education providers, whetting our appetite for shaping and developing these services overseas.

Our hugely-successful workplace training, which offers distance learning to employees via digital programmes, and whose course topics include infection control, health and safety, safeguarding awareness and money management, are suited to workers in almost all locations.

Equally, our innovative, cost-effective and high-quality interactive and flexible learning platform, Learning@College, puts learning in the hands of colleges and their students – and can be adapted to suit. As well as its extensive suite of 55 courses, others can be created bespoke to requirements, making it an ideal basis for training and learning at all points on the compass.

As a believer that education and training should be for all and in line with our “transforming lives through learning” vision, our high-quality online digital capabilities bring that ambition a step closer.

Brenda McLeish is the chief executive officer of Learning Curve Group. For more information visit http://bit.ly/learningcurvegroup


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