The Journal Opinion: Well done for speaking out about dementia

The Journal Opinion for December 10 in which we praise Gemma Little for speaking out about dealing with dementia in the hope it may help others

Gemma Little of Amble
Gemma Little of Amble

She will no doubt modestly not thank us for saying this, but Gemma Little is something of a hero.

By frankly talking about the stigma still attached to dementia, she shatters many of the myths which continue to surround this condition.

Her mum Anne died prematurely, aged just 64, suffering from this and it inspired Gemma to not only change her career and become a nurse so she can help people – but also to raise a stagering amount of money for research.

But perhaps, most importantly, it also provided her with the courage and convictions to publicly talk about the condition, which she does so lovingly and eloquently today.

If by doing so this helps just one person, then it will have been all worthwhile.

But no doubt at all, it will help more people than that.

Well done Gemma, you’re not just a hero, you’re an inspiration to all.


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