The Journal Opinion: A sobering wake-up call

The Journal's opinion column for Monday December 8, in which we highlight alcohol-related breast cancer

David Jones/PA Wire A person drinking a bottle of beer
A person drinking a bottle of beer

Janet Forster isn’t unusual. She likes a glass of wine – maybe two – in the evening. And why not? It is coming up to Christmas, after all.

But for Janet there is a very compelling ‘why not?’

She was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and was shocked to find out that, not only does alcohol make such a diagnosis more likely, it makes a recurrence more likely too.

Janet’s cancer didn’t have anything to do with the drinking. But, having heard the warnings, she’s cutting down on the wine – and by doing so she’s giving herself more chance of staying healthy.

New figures show that Britain has seen a worrying increase in alcohol-related breast cancer. In the North East that increase is higher still.

There needs to be more awareness. Janet had her wake-up call – we join her in hoping every other woman does as well.


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