The Journal Opinion: Prime Minister gets the chance to see youth unemployment reality

The Journal's opinion column for Thursday, October 2, in which we ask if David Cameron will take up the offer of seeing youth unemployment in the region

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

As invitations go - it is not a bad one. After his barnstorming conference performance, David Cameron has been invited to visit the North East to see first hand the reality of youth unemployment.

The Prime Minister played into the party faithful’s arms with his pledge that this was a country where you didn’t get anything for nothing.

New graduate Katie McLaren issued the ‘come up and see me’ invitation to Mr Cameron on the back of this.

She’s just left university and would be one of Mr Cameron’s casualties if he gets his way with welfare reform.

As Ms McLaren, said: “I’m trying to get on the employment ladder, be an adult, but there aren’t a lot of work opportunities out there. Believe me, I’m trying.”

We wonder how long it will be for the Prime Minister to take up her offer and visit her here in the North East?


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