The Journal Opinion: One more good reason to make a quick start on dualling the A1

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, November 11, in which we highlight concerns over a shortage of skilled labour for big projects

Single carriageway section of the A1 in Northumberland
Single carriageway section of the A1 in Northumberland

It was noticeable that, of the six big road schemes highlighted by the Government in its new roads plan, none was in London.

The capital, as we have pointed out before, has had more than its fair share of big transport projects.

As the Civil Engineers Contractors’ Association points out, this is not a case of redressing the national imbalance. It will take more than one extra lane each way on the A1 to do that.

The shovels that have gone into the ground to build Crossrail have been wielded by workers from everywhere in the United Kingdom, including from the North East. They have skills that, in the great majority of cases, will be lost to our region forever.

The association says that this migration of staff is continuing and can only be stemmed by a quick start on some big projects in the North East.

That’s just one more good reason to get some shovels in the ground on the A1.


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