The Journal Opinion: We need to find better ways to keep the lights on

The Journal's opinion column for Thursday, October 9 in which we reflect on the decision to turn down plans for a wind turbine in Northumberland

A light bulb
A light bulb

Planners in Northumberland were right to turn down plans for nine wind turbines near Belford.

The turbines would have been in clear view from Holy Island and several other key vantage spots.

Yet this debate highlights a continuing concern over how we propose to keep the lights on in Britain. There doesn’t seem to be a problem-free energy source. Fracking, nuclear, solar, onshore wind, offshore wind, opencasting... you can find good arguments against every energy source and no shortage of people prepared to make those arguments.

An answer of sorts will come in the form of a new electricity cable connecting Norway with Britain, via the Northumberland coast.

The cable will allow us to import electricity from Scandinavia when our own turbines are not turning fast enough – or were never built in the first place.

This is part of the answer – but it’s hard to escape the impression that we are rather muddling through.


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