The Journal Opinion: The gulf between school and work in the North East

The Journal's opinion column for Friday, October 3, in which we call for employers to join the effort to prepare teenagers for the world of work

David Jones/PA Wire School pupils sitting an exam
School pupils sitting an exam

The survey by the North East Chamber of Commerce into the attitudes of companies to their youngest employees is rather revealing.

More than four fifths of employers think school leavers are unprepared for the world of work.

Maybe they are right. But maybe the fact that half of them do not offer work placements themselves illustrates another side to the problem.

It is clear that there is a gulf between school and work, one that we need to close.

What is also clear that closing that gulf is not just the responsibility of the youngsters themselves or their schoolteachers or careers advisers, but of the businesses as well.

If employers took a hand in helping to prepare teenagers for the world of work they should eventually be considerably more satisfied with the end product.


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