The Journal Opinion: Geothermal energy could be the way forward

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, October 14, where we look at geothermal energy as a solution to power cut concerns

Rotary driller in action for geothermal heating
Rotary driller in action for geothermal heating

It’s good to see the North East was well represented at a conference on geothermal energy in London yesterday.

We live in an age where we are desperate to source energy – yet opposed to many means of producing it. Fracking, wind power, nuclear power and imports all have their place – but all have their counter-arguments too. In the meantime, there are growing concerns about power cuts.

Dr Charlotte Adams, from Durham, research manager for the BritGeothermal Partnership, says this is a source of energy that is “carbon neutral, home-sourced, sustainable and reliable.”

That ticks a lot of boxes. Maybe it is time that the Government started taking a little more notice of what is going on in the North’s boreholes and getting behind geothermal.


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