The Journal Opinion: Enough is enough when it comes to Northumberland wind farms

The Journal's opinion column for Friday, October 17, in which we welcome the Lords debate on wind farms in Northumberland

Wind turbines near Kielder
Wind turbines near Kielder

Several Northumberland peers and the retiring Bishop of Newcastle have laid into the planning laws regarding wind turbines.

Good on them for doing so. The bishop, the Rev Martin Wharton, bluntly told the Government that enough was enough. Viscount (Matt) Ridley went further, labelling the policy that has allowed developers to target Northumberland so heavily as “bonkers”.

They didn’t seem to get much change out of Energy Minister Baroness Verma, who was representing the Government in the House of Lords debate.

Nevertheless, awareness of this issue has been raised, and that alone means the debate was worth having.

Wind farms have their place – but their place is not in the high hills of what is one of England’s very finest counties.


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