The Journal Opinion: Children being failed by the system

The Journal's opinion column for Wednesday, November 19, where we look the grading of exam papers

David Jones/PA Wire School pupils sitting an exam
School pupils sitting an exam

Mistakes happen – of course they do. None of us are perfect.

But there comes a point where they can no longer be written off as isolated errors and must instead be considered as evidence of a fundamental problem with the system that has been put in place.

Such is the case with the grading of exam papers. Schools expect that some papers will be marked incorrectly each year.

However, the proportion of papers that are being regraded on appeal – sometimes by two full grades – is simply too high.

Gosforth Academy has now called on Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to intervene. We hope she does. There is growing evidence that hard-working teenagers are being failed by the system.


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