The Journal Opinion: The announcement that 13 miles of the A1 will be dualled is very good news

The Journal's opinion column for Monday, December 1 in which we welcome dualling of the A1 and ask for Labour to make the same commitment

Chris Radburn/PA Wire Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

Thirteen miles doesn’t sound like much. Probably all the petitions collected over the years calling for the A1 to be dualled might stretch for 13 miles, if laid end to end.

But it is enough.

OK, David Cameron’s announcement of the dualling of 13 miles of the road through Northumberland is not quite the full dualling to the Scottish border that we want.

But today’s announcement is, make no mistake about it, most welcome.

And yet still there are doubts. If the Conservatives win the general election they might conveniently forget or water down today’s promise. To be fair, that seems unlikely.

The most serious cause for concern is that Labour has not committed to dualling the road. That’s easily resolved. It must do so as soon as possible.


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