The Journal Opinion: Action needed on food poverty

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday December 9, where we discuss measures to combat food poverty

Gateshead Foodbank
Gateshead Foodbank

Leading Church figures from across the region have joined the growing chorus of discontent at the effects of Government cuts in welfare benefits.

The rapid increase in dependency on food banks among some North East families bears testament to a problem which is a result, it seems to us, of our masters in Westminster’s serious under-estimation of the consequences of the austerity measures put in place in the past five years.

No one disputes that belt tightening was required after the crash of 2008, but it is appalling that a bi-product should see some people in our nation – one of the world’s economic powerhouses – suffering such food poverty.

Without doubt the severity of some cuts and benefit restrictions has been a mistake – and one which all political parties should be looking to rectify as soon as possible.


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Culture Editor
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