Public invited to share views on future of Hadrian's Wall

Members of the public are urged to share their views on plans for the future of Hadrian's Wall

Students from Excelsior Academy prepare for their Himalayan trek
Students from Excelsior Academy prepare for their Himalayan trek

People are being urged to have their say on future plans for one of the North East’s most iconic landmarks.

Members of the public are being encouraged to comment on a proposed new management plan for Hadrian’s Wall, which will guide policy-makers and highlight a number of policies and actions up until 2019.

The famous Roman fortification, which spans the country, is a World Heritage Site (WHS) and every WHS is required to have a management plan.

Hadrian’s Wall Management Plan Committee - made up of stakeholders throughout the World Heritage Site - has spent the last eighteen months considering what should be in the future plan, which would come into force next year, focusing on protection, understanding and sustainable development of the wall.

The document includes 15 different policy areas and the same number of action points.

Students from Excelsior Academy prepare for their Himalayan trek by walking in Roman Wall country above Haydon Bridge

Humphrey Welfare, chairman of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan Committee, said: “The aim is to have a revised plan that is both realistic and practical, providing essential guidance for the safeguarding of this internationally important heritage site and highlighting key opportunities for its enhancement and development.

“If we can get it right, we will realise its potential to enhance the lives of visitors and residents alike and the Wall can continue to be a source of local pride and an inspiring global destination well into the future.”

Val Tyler, policy board holder for community infrastructure and culture at Northumberland County Council, which is one of the stakeholders, said: “Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most significant monuments in the country and we take the guardianship of it very seriously indeed.

“Many livelihoods and businesses are directly linked to the thousands of people who visit Hadrian’s Wall every year.

“It is vital we do everything we can to support tourism and tourism businesses and continue to promote Hadrian’s Wall.”

Students from Excelsior Academy prepare for their Himalayan trek by walking in Roman Wall country above Haydon Bridge

Other stakeholders include English Heritage, Northumberland National Park Authority, Northumberland Tourism, Cumbria Tourism and the NewcastleGateshead Initiative.

Instead of producing the new plan in printed form it is available online.

The aim is to make the plan accessible and flexible - a live document that can be amended and up-dated whenever necessary, and which can be used by policy-makers throughout the World Heritage Site.

The committee is now seeking comments on the policies and actions in the draft revision of the plan.

These have been largely derived from an initial phase of consultation earlier this year.

The committee is asking interested parties to consider the key elements of the draft, with expressions of support or suggestions for amendment also welcomed.

In responding, people should provide their name and contact details, and say whether they are writing as an individual or as a representative of an organisation.

The policies and actions can be accessed via

Responses should be sent to by January 9.


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