Duke of Northumberland says Scottish independence would "cause difficulties"

The Duke says he crosses the border every day and there is no difference between one side and the other

The Duke of Northumberland
The Duke of Northumberland

The Duke of Northumberland has spoken out against Scottish independence, saying it would “create difficulties”.

Ralph Percy, the 12th Duke of Northumberland and owner of Northumberland Estates, says he crosses the border between England and Scotland every day.

The Duke, who is based at his ancestral home at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, is supportive of the union, adding “if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it”.

“I personally cross the border every day from one part of the estate to the other,” he said.

“I see no difference to those living on one side of the border to the other.

“A new boundary would create difficulties.

“I think it [the union] has worked very well for a long time and if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.”

The Duke made the comments at a debate about the Scottish independence referendum in Berwick upon Tweed, in Northumberland, organised by the BBC.

The debate heard from a number of prominent individuals.

Jeremy Middleton, a venture capitalist and leading North East Conservative campaigner, said he was concerned about the threat to North East jobs Scottish independence could create.

He said: “I’m worried about jobs more than anything else with different tax rates and different levels of VAT.

“If you create uncertainty, you will have lost investment.”

Scotland and Us will air on BBC One tonight at 10.35pm. Other speakers include Carlisle MP John Stephenson, MSP Christine Grahame, Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson and Craig Johnston from the RMT Union.


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