Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary episode live

Join us live from 7:30pm, as Matt Smith and David Tennant join forces and the secrets of John Hurt's mysterious War Doctor are finally revealed...

Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor
Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor

Join us as we watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, making comments, following tweets from fans and generally just enjoying the adventure.

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We have been looking forward to the latest Doctor's - or should that be Doctors'? - adventure for a very long time, but now we have to wait no more and you can join us.


We will watching the episode, following Twitter and Facebook and mainly just enjoying the adventure of the 50th anniversary episode.


If you need a recap before the Doctor Who the 50th anniversary episode begins then this guide or these pictures may help get you up to speed.


The Doctor Who the 50th anniversary features both David Tennant and Matt Smith, who were voted first and second, respectively, as Wales' favourite Doctors .


And if you have time before the episode starts you could try this quiz .


The Tardis materialised in Cardiff today...

The Doctor's blue police box is turning heads on top of the South East Turret of Cardiff Castle


Rose Tyler seems excited about the day



Strictly over, we are nearly there!




Nice old style opening


Here is the first teaser trailer time, Elizabeth's credentials ...Time Lord art!


Terry Nation's Daleks. The War Doctor and epic scenes.


Rose has appeared and is acting a little strange. She is the interface, the weapon's conscience, so not Rose Tyler. She called herself Bad Wolf ...


First Allons-y and we have ourfavourite Doctorand Joanna Page.

Joanna Page and David Tennant have a chinwag


What is better than Joanna Page .. two Joanna Pages


Two doctors, Smith meets Tennant


Three doctors!


The special effects have come on a fair bit! The Zygons first appeared in 1975


The screwdrivers' 50 year anniversary is in 5 years time


The traditional subtle political message of Doctor Who


The Warrior (Hurt), the hero (Tennant) and what is Matt Smith's Doctor ... a Doctor


They are all here! Even Capaldi!


Gallifrey Falls No More says the humble curator ... TOM BAKER


Wow what an episode ... when it couldn't get better up pops Tom Baker!



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