Wet and windy but no snow for most of us in the North East this Christmas

Forecasters say there is a slight chance of snow for those who live in high altitude areas but the rest of us will probably get away with a few rain showers

Stanhope in County Durham had a picturesque dusting of snow yesterday
Stanhope in County Durham

It won’t be a white Christmas for most of us, but it will be a windy one.

Forecasters say there is a slight chance of snow for those who live in high altitude areas but the rest of us will probably get away with a few rain showers.

But there will be gusts of wind - as much as 65 mph in the North East - which will bring the chill factor into play.

Ben Windsor, a weatherman with the Meteo Group, said Christmas Eve will bring the worst conditions with Christmas Day and Boxing Day being more settled.

He said: “Today will be very windy with gusts of 60mph, perhaps 65mph, in the North East.

“It will actually be fairly dry for most of the day but there might be showers in the afternoon.

“In terms of snow there is unlikely to be any in Newcastle.

“There will be snow on high ground where the altitude is more than 300 metres.

“This includes the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland and the A66 between the North East and Cumbria.”

He said Christmas Day will be more settled with the wind losing some of its intensity.

“Christmas Day will be breezy rather than windy - although it will still be stronger on the coast,” he said.

“Newcastle looks dry with a small chance of isolated showers.”

Ben said Boxing Day will be even better as the winds and the threat of snow recedes.

By then, he said, there will be a chance of snow only in the very highest areas.

Cumbria is definitely the worst place to be in the region.

He said: “Today will be windy but the wind will be stronger than the North East.

“The showers will be more widespread and bigger.

“It will get better as the week goes on, but there is still the chance of heavy showers.

“It will fall as snow in the mountains but not in the valleys.”

Meanwhile the railway line between Carlisle and Barrow was closed yesterday due to a landslide.

It came as rain disrupted travel plans for thousands. Cumbria Police have warned the public to be prepared for continued road disruption and local flooding.

The North East escaped some of the worst conditions of the storm which caused traffic chaos yesterday.

But forecasters warned the region was still likely to have ice on untreated roads.

Intense rain last night led to a high risk of local flooding across Devon, South Wales and Western England in early evening.

This was expected to spread to Central and Southern England overnight as rain fell on already saturated ground.

Experts say the poor conditions are likely to last until well into the New Year. A spokesman for the BBC Weather Centre said: “As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014, it doesn’t look as though we’ll be seeing the back of the wet and windy weather just yet with conditions looking likely to remain rather unsettled.”


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