A week in North East politics

A week is indeed a long time in North East politics. Here we recap the stories you might have missed, and look to the week ahead for a guide to the political stories still to come

Newcastle East MP Nick Brown
Newcastle East MP Nick Brown

The week that was...

This looks like a job for... Nick Brown

Former regional minister Nick Brown kicked off the week with a call for a regional minister to address youth unemployment. Like sending your CV out on spec during a down turn.


No, No, No

The North East said no to intervention in Syria as The Journal launched it's first Tuesday question with pollsters Other Lines of Enquiry North. 66% of the region said it was against intervention.

The poll followed Newcastle Central's Chi Onwurah revealing she marched against the Iraq war.

Trouser leg up, upside down handshake

Newcastle councillor David Stockdale became the first in the city to refer himself to the standards committee after it emerged he had forgotten to declare he is a Freemason.


Adonis versus the North

Lord Adonis's report into the North East economy was over shadowed as Labour MPs lined up to attack it for failing to address the impact of Government cuts.

Kevan Jones was among the most direct, accusing the peer of ignoring MPs and having “never been elected to anything except perhaps milk monitor.”


Adonis versus the North Part 2

Lord Adonis had to hit back at an update on his report the day later, suggesting Kevan Jones was more interested in settling old scores. The pair fell out more than a decade ago over plans for anew academy in Durham.

Adonis - 'I wanted to be more radical than Kevan would allow'

Jones – 'It's not my job to cover up for this Government'


Who's up, who wishes they were up

One the up

David Stockdale?

Followers of Mr Stockdale's Twitter account will know he doesn't keep many things secret, so expect the councillor to survive a standards committee investigation.

Down, down, down

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership

While Lord Adonis took the flack over the economic review, the buck stops with the partnership who commissioned and will carry out the report. MPs uniting against the report is expected the be the start of of anti-lep views being aired.

Coming up

The week ahead is set to be dominated by Ed Miliband and the TUC. The party leader is refusing to back down on union reform, despite a number of North East MPs uniting against his plans. His speech on Tuesday could be critical.

Lobbying comes back on the agenda as MPs have two days to debate a bill to regulate money in politics. Last week Ian Lavery warned the Durham Miner's Gala could be gagged if the bill goes ahead.

Green belt

Newcastle begins its final consultation on plans to allow homes to be built on land across the green belt. Expect protests.


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