Watch: Holy Island causeway motorist attempts to escape the tide

Holy Island coastguards have warned of an increase in causeway callouts during the school holidays following two incidents this week

A driver tries to escape the tide on Holy Island causeway
A driver tries to escape the tide on Holy Island causeway

Coastguards have yet again warned motorists not to try to cross a flooded causeway in Northumberland.

The coastguard team at Holy Island reminded drivers they are putting their lives at risk following two incidents this week, while schools were on half term.

And one driver was filmed frantically reversing off the causeway in a bid to reach dry land before the tide came in.

In the first incident, on Monday, the coastguard was called out after two vehicles were seen driving through water on the causeway towards the mainland.

The callout came at 1pm, an hour and a quarter outside the safe crossing times which are displayed at either end of the crossing and widely advertised.


Both vehicles drove about a quarter of a mile into the water before they decided it was too deep to carry on.

They both then reversed out of the water back to Holy Island.

The drivers were met there by coastguard officers who gave them safety information about tides and driving on flooded causeways.

The second incident occurred on Thursday and was filmed by coastguards. A motorist tried to cross the causeway from the island side while it was under water and again, ended up having to reverse onto dry road.

The incident took place at 3pm, an hour and five minutes outside of the safe times.

Following the second incident, the coastguard team posted on its Facebook page: “We urge members of the public to check tide times when visiting the coast - especially when visiting Holy Island.

“Driving on the causeway when it’s flooded like this puts your life at risk.

“Luckily the driver of this vehicle made it back to the island. Check tide times!”

Last night, station manager Ryan Douglas added: “We are seeing an increase of incidents like this occurring during school holidays, it is an incredibly dangerous thing to do and we urge members of the public not to drive into any tidal water.

“We would like to add that if members of the public see anyone in distress or find themselves in distress on the coast to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

Fans of the Facebook page condemned the driver behind Thursday’s incident.

Brian Bowden wrote: “Don’t know why anyone would drive into the sea but glad they are ok. They are probably lucky with it being a modern car and had no water ingress.”

Michael McEvoy added: “We have a blackboard at Bamburgh Castle giving safe crossing times. Yesterday a man asked ‘So you can’t take the car over after those times’ ‘Correct’ says I. ‘But it’s safe to walk over isn’t it’ he asked.”


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