Washington Christmas Day lottery winners not giving up jobs - VIDEO

THEY may be the region’s newest millionaires but this lucky couple are not going to give up their day jobs.

Lottery winners Ian and Kim McCarthy, from Washington

THEY may be the region’s newest millionaires but this lucky couple are not going to give up their day jobs. Ian and Kim McCarthy are celebrating after hitting the jackpot in a Christmas Day lottery draw.

The couple of Fatfield, Washington, scooped £1m in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

But Ian, who has worked at Nissan for 25 years, and bingo supervisor Kim, parents to Anthony, 26, and Jonathon, 20, say they want to stay grounded.

Ian, 48, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was doing a bit of DIY when I thought I’d take a break and check my numbers on our son Jonathon’s computer.

“I don’t even normally check my numbers at home – I usually leave it for a few weeks and then take all my tickets to check at the newsagents in one go but this time I checked myself.

“I couldn’t believe it and neither could Jonathon so we went to see our other son Anthony who lives nearby and got him to double check.

“The look on their faces was a picture – they both work with me at Nissan and the thought that we’d potentially won a life-changing amount of money was overwhelming. We were all so excited. It felt surreal.

“I couldn’t wait to tell Kim, who works as a supervisor at Gala Bingo in Washington. She was mid-game when I arrived at her work to give her the good news but I couldn’t interrupt the live game so asked to see her in private. When I told her that we’d won on the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle she thought I was having a laugh.

“And then the realisation that it was true hit home.

“We’re not packing in work. We love our jobs and we’re staying where we are. I’ll be back on night shift at Nissan later and Kim’s working at the bingo hall.”

Ian, who works in Nissan’s axle plant, has played the lottery with the same numbers since it started.

He bought his lucky ticket from Fatfield newsagents in Washington. Now the couple are planning their first foreign holiday, having never been abroad before. They also plan to treat their family, including youngest son Jonathon, who will be celebrating his 21st birthday in March.

Kim, 50, said: “We’ve never had a holiday abroad but last year we got our passports because we decided we were going.

“We’re not thinking about buying big things for ourselves, we want other people around us to enjoy it.”

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