Turbine crane crash blocks Northumberland country road

A CRANE heading for the site of a Northumberland wind farm blocked a nearby road after hitting ice.

The crane blocking the road in Northumberland
The crane blocking the road in Northumberland

A CRANE heading for the site of a Northumberland wind farm blocked a nearby road after hitting ice.

The crane was making its way to land where developer Infinis is set to put up six turbines at Wingates. However, it got into difficulties at sometime before 8am yesterday when it became stuck on the icy road.

The vehicle is then thought to have attempted to continue its journey when its front end left the road, causing the rear end to block the carriageway.

The crane eventually reached its destination.

John Thompson, of the Wingates Not Wind Farms action group, last night claimed the crane had blocked the road for some time, forcing residents and school transport heading to Nunnykirk to take a diversion of three to four miles on icy roads via Netherwitton.

Mr Thompson said the crane should have had a police escort.

He said: “I have a feeling that there are going to be a few unhappy people as everyone heading out of the village will have to take a major detour on even more untreated roads, as will all of the school taxis and mini buses.

“We still have a situation today where a large vehicle, despite being aware of the road conditions, has attempted to drive down an ice-covered steep incline on a narrow road.

“If another vehicle had been coming in the opposite direction the consequences could have been fatal.”

Infinis last night claimed the road had only been partially blocked for 10 to 15 minutes.

The company, Northumberland County Council and Northumbria Police confirmed the developer did not need an escort for a crane. Infinis and the council revealed that the firm has agreed to grit access roads to its site where appropriate in future.

The developer was due to begin taking delivery of turbine parts at the site yesterday.

It had carried out an abnormal load test delivery on Monday, with a police escort.

The test delivery had been postponed from last week due to bad weather.


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